Desolate RC


David McNew/Getty Images

This photo of Rancho Cucamonga is from a Boston Globe slideshow titled “Scenes From the Recession,” consisting of 35 photos from all over the world. Powerful stuff.

The caption for the above: “Storm clouds hover near unfinished home lots during a break between storms after the dwindling new home sales market brought construction to a halt at a new home development December 16, 2008 in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Home construction took its biggest dive in 24 years in November to reach a record low.”

Photos 27 and 35 are from Riverside. Photos 26 and 30 have personal meaning for me as a newspaperman. You’ll probably find your own favorites if you take the time to look.

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  • Ramona

    Most of us are focusing on our own personal areas of belt tightening or home/job loss. It’s good to be reminded that we in the USA are not the only ones who have suffered great losses due to the recession. I tend to forget that there are other nations who are struggling just like we are.

    The photo of the woman walking with her kids from their “home” in a motel to the grocery store should be captioned, “Keep calm, carry on.” She’s coping as best she can with the circumstances she and her family find themselves in.

    Thanks for posting the link to the photos, David. We need to be reminded that we are not alone in this mess.

    Indeed, you have reminded me of just how fortunate I am compared to most.

  • Ann

    Wow, David. What moving pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Birdi

    What a shame. The stand of native Sage that once grew on those slopes is forever destroyed. We have built far more homes than we need, and have destroyed our natural environment to do so. We have crammed buildings and houses into every available open space, but now many of those sit empty. It’s a huge waste.

    I think unfinished developments should become places for homeless families to camp and grow food gardens.

  • Mo

    Those are very moving photos. It is a very difficult time for so many people right now. I don’t think I know anyone who has not been directly affected by the economy. I do feel like it will get better though.

    I think those high school students in Pomona are going to make a bigger difference than they will ever know. That is just an amazing story. It shows that every one of us CAN make a difference. Goodness, I know producers who spend millions that would do anything for the publicity those kids and their teacher got for that movie. It doesn’t take $ to get your message out. It just takes a good message and a desire to share it.

    Dave, I do understand how the newspaper photos affected you. I am just not sure they are related to the economy. I think the demise of newspapers is due to the availability of so many TV and Internet news sources. I would think that the recession would actually improve newspaper circulation. If I was in a financial bind, I could give up my Internet and satellite TV but my paper is a nominal expense in the grand scheme and it would be the last to go. This is just my opinion. I don’t have a degree in economics and there is probably a reason for that.

    I am concerned with the future of print. While I can get information anywhere, nothing can replace the feeling of a newspaper in my hands. Same goes for books. Kindle is a neat little gadget to travel with but I much prefer reading an actual book. I seriously fear the day all of our reading is done on a screen.

    Sorry for the length. I think it is a bit long for a blog comment. You can delete it but it did feel good to get it out.

    [Believe me, we’ve had longer blog comments than yours! Thanks for supporting newspapers as well as this blog, Mo. — DA]

  • Matt

    Half built neighborhoods, empty office buildings, a failing airport, and 15% unemployment. Just another day in paradise. The only place with even more unemployment than the I.E. is Detroit. Remnants of yet another failed Republican presidency.