Obama in Pomona today

The president is scheduled to tour the Edison International Vehicle Electrics Plant, 265 N. East End Ave., at 10:30 a.m. Students from Village Academy School, which Obama mentioned in a speech last week, and who will be the subject of a “20/20” report on ABC-TV on Friday, will be brought over to the plant to meet him.

Now that’s a field trip. (The school, btw, is literally across the street from the plant.)

The event is not open to the public and only pool press will be allowed in. That means I’ll be on the sidewalk or across the street, craning my neck like everyone else. See you there?

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  • Ms. Lois

    Hi David,

    I gotta say that I’m incredibly impressed that the President is going to meet the Village Academy students. It doesn’t get better than this.

  • Scott in R.C.

    I wish he had time to meet some of the hundreds of teachers that are being laid off. He could drive a few miles down to Riverside Drive and meet with quite a few.

    Then, he could stop for a burger at one of the many Riverside Drive burger joints!

  • Ramona

    It’s very exciting that those young people who so impressed the President will get to meet him. And be the subject of the television special. I’m already imagining the stories their grandkids will hear. Over and over and over . . .

    Good job, y’all!

  • Alicia

    I go to school down the street from Village Academy. I didn’t know he was going there today, but it’s so amazing to know he was less than 5 minutes away from me today! I feel so honored to have been so close to a president, lol. Wish I could have ditched school for once and gone to see him, it’d be worth it, even if it did mean I’d break my 11 years perfect attendance record. =P

  • Andy

    I went 2 blocks from my house to see the motorcade passing on the intersection of San Bernardino and San Antonio…. most the ppl had no idea the president was in town. They just came out to see the commotion. Someone even told me he was giving a speech at the fairplex… yeah right… hahha…

    I think I got tricked into photographing the decoy limo in front =( or was it really a trick? anyways… amazing the president would come to our ghetto town. Lucky kids. I really would have liked him to have gone downtown, or Donahoo or Pho Express right up the street. Lucky for those kids. They won’t forget it!

  • Ann

    Loved your article today, David.