Paramount in Pomona?

An anonymous reader submits the following:

“Here’s a tip you might find interesting. Sometime during the past few weeks, a mistake has appeared in Google Maps: The place name ‘Paramount’ has appeared on the west side of Pomona. I’ve lived in this part of town for more than 50 years, and Paramount has never been a local name. It should say Westmont if anything. I contacted Google Maps, but so far there has been no change.”

He or she is right. View the map here.

“During the same period of time, the name Narod and Sunsweet also appeared near Ontario. I do believe those are actual names from history, denoting freight train stops. If someone was trying to include historical names, there are a number that should be added, such as Spadra. However, as far as I know, Paramount has never been a name associated with Pomona.

“This link can be used to complain to Google Maps about mistakes. Perhaps your readers would be willing to help make the map more accurate.”

That would be

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  • I tried a search for “spadra california” in Google and got a close-up map of the cemetery. “narod california” also works.

  • Warren

    Maybe Google does what the other map providers do – insert a non-existent name to protect its copyright.


  • Robin

    Hey, I noticed that the google map has finally been corrected! Now it says Westmont, and almost in the correct location. Whatdaya know… google slowly responds.

    ‘Paramount’ has disappeared. I was hoping there was some sort of explanation for it, but none has surfaced yet to my knowledge. There is on old house on Hansen Ave which looks out of a western movie set with little quaint crumbling outbuildings and overgrown trees… but I haven’t learned more about the place.