Fox Theater seats went AWOL, came back (updated)

Apparently I jumped the gun with my earlier post (which I’ve taken down) about the Fox seats. The tale apparently grew in the telling before it got to me.

All the auditorium seats appear to have been reclaimed from the contractor by the Fox developers — although in some cases they had to pay back rent on the storage facility to get the seats before they went to auction. A close call.

The auditorium seats, thus, are back — not missing, not stolen, but not repaired either. It’s unclear when they’ll be done, or even if they’ll be done before June’s (currently unscheduled) grand opening. Until then, look for banquet-style seating or rented seating.

And my apologies for inadvertently misleading anyone with my earlier post.

* However, the situation isn’t rosy, Cathy Tessier told me this morning. The Fox essentially has a big stash of seats and seat parts. The simplest-to-fix seats are being installed in the balcony and loge, which seat 780. That should be done by the end of this week.

“We’re unsure of the status of the remaining ones,” Tessier said. They’re focusing on the lights, sound and projection systems, all very complicated, and will turn their attention to the seats in a few weeks. “We have our hands full right now,” she said.

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  • Warren


    I want to congratulate you on the blog. I may be cynical (?) but it is not too often that people step up, accept responsibility and make corrections. Where I am the prevailing thought seems to be once reported and no longer of interest, who cares what happens next. You have renewed my faith in journalists.

    [Well, I try. Thanks, Warren. — DA]