Restaurant of the Week: Dino’s Chicken and Burgers


This week’s restaurant: Dino’s Chicken and Burgers, 770 E. Arrow Hwy. (at Towne), Pomona.

When Dino’s took over a Golden Ox Burgers location a couple of miles from my house in November, the full import of this development eluded me. Stepping inside last weekend, I saw an L.A. Times Magazine blowup on a wall behind the counter. Turns out Dino’s, which until recent years had only one location, is celebrated for its chicken. Alas, I’d already ordered a burger.

Well, the burger was fine, but I knew I had to go back for the chicken before writing something. I did so on Wednesday evening after work, ordering the chicken combo with fries and soda ($6.91 with tax). While I waited I read two more blowup articles newly posted on another wall, one from the Azusa Herald, the other from the L.A. Times food section.

It seems Dino’s was founded by Demetrios Pantazis, who used a Greek recipe for his chicken marinade at his West Pico location. Vinegar, garlic and oregano appear to be involved. The restaurant has since opened a second outpost in Azusa, with Pomona being only the third.

The half-chicken arrived. It’s fiery red, like tandoori chicken, its orange juices dribbling onto the bed of fries. The chicken proves lightly spicy and very, very good. The fries, already well above average, only improve with the addition of juices.

The Dino’s dining room is nothing fancy, beige walls with burgundy booths, but you’ll come here for the food, not the ambience.

Supposedly the carne asada here is also quite good. Dino’s has breakfasts, Mexican food, sandwiches and pork chops. The Dino’s website has photos and more. You can read Jonathan Gold’s entertaining LA Weekly capsule review here.

Welcome to Pomona, Dino’s. You’ve made life in the 909 slightly more bearable.

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  • meg

    Thanks, D-bomb! I drive past it nearly every day, and I had no idea that the menu was revamped. We’ll have to try it soon.

    [I secretly hope that nickname catches on. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Greetings, old friend. I suppose T-Bone is already taken so D-bomb is a lot better than….say….Koko!

    [“Seinfeld” followers will recall when George’s plot to get his co-workers to call him T-Bone backfired and they called him Koko, after the smart ape. — DA]