• Your editor

    Thanks for sharing.

    [Ha ha. — DA]

  • A. S. Ashley

    I’m dying to find out how the name callers would have spelled it!

  • Mo

    I was QUITE impressed to see that term in the Daily Bulletin. I am thinking it must be a first. Way to use those first amendment rights. It made me laugh and brightened my day. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

    I’m sure the man you overheard couldn’t possibly been talking about you!

  • http://blogs.dailybulletin.com/rcnow Wendy Leung

    In “State of Play,” a reporter has a sign on a messy desk that reads, “Never trust an editor.” Where can I get one of those?

  • Ramona

    Finally! The good use of an English Major. Did you get points off?

    Does anyone other than the editor care, really?

    [For what it’s worth, spellcheck flagged “douchebag” and suggested replacing it with “doodlebug.” — DA]

  • J

    I can see where someone might call you a doodlebug, but not a douche bag.

  • calwatch

    So you can use douche bag in a “family newspaper” now?

    [As long as it’s two words, apparently. — DA]

  • Doug

    Does “douche nozzle” then have a hyphen?

    [I’ll have to cc the copy desk on this one. — DA]