Inland Valley Photo Quiz No. 1


Every now and then I’m going to put up a photo of an Inland Valley sight and challenge you to guess what it is and where it is. You won’t win anything, other than praise on this blog as a sharp-eyed observer — which, come to think of it, doesn’t sound like a bad prize, does it?

Here’s the first one. It depicts one of the valley’s few remaining working phone booths. But where is it located? Start guessing.

To avoid spoiling this for anyone, what I’m going to do is not post any of your comments, or at least not post any of the correct guesses, until Tuesday morning, when the correct answer will be revealed here. So check back.

UPDATE: OK, pencils down. The contest is closed as of 10:22 p.m. Monday, as I’m typing this. This phone booth, as several of you guessed, is at Chino Airport, specifically, just steps from Flo’s Airport Cafe. Congratulations to those who got it right: Annie, Richard Delman and Larry. And to those who got it really right by also naming Flo’s: Bob Terry, Ronald Scott and Scott in R.C. But thanks to everyone for playing.

Sixteen guesses? Hey, we’ll have to do this again!

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  • Annie

    Chino Airport?

    [Yes! — DA]

  • Richard Delman

    Chino Airport

  • Elaine Box

    On the corner of Towne Avenue & San Bernardino Street in Pomona.

    [No. But now you have me curious to go by there. — DA]

  • Larry

    Chino Airport

  • Marlene


    Next time, don’t put the name of the location in the photo when you post it. If you place your mouse over the photo, the name “flosbooth.jpg” appears, therefore one might deduce that this picture was taken at Flo’s at the Chino Airport. To be fair, I’m out of the running…I cheated!


    [Oops. Hadn’t even considered that. Thanks for cluing me in. — DA]

  • R.P.

    mount sac campus

    [Nope. — DA]

  • Grayson’s Bama

    I seem to remember this from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure so it must be in San Dimas.

    [Must be, but isn’t. — DA]

  • Lisa

    It reminds me of the old motel building in Chino on Central Ave. near the Basque family-style restaurant. Am I right?

    [No. — DA]

  • Toms


    [The scene does look sort of desert-y and decrepit, doesn’t it? But no. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Chino Airport close to Flo’s Cafe.

    [Yes! — DA]

  • Lisa

    Well wherever it is, I hope I never have to use that phone — it looks germy. Yuck! A perfect reason why one would need a cell phone. 🙂

    [Is that a hint? — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    My guess is in Ontario at the church on the corner of Holt and Vine (my old neighborhood). This part would be in the back by the parking lot and the Sunday school classes.


    [Nope. — DA]

  • David

    This is Upland’s detainee facility, used to hold and interrogate suspected infiltrators (“those people”) from across the border in Claremont. The facility has never been used, because no one from Claremont has ever willingly crossed the border into Upland.

    [Hey, I was in Upland just the other day. — DA]

  • Central and the 10 freeway?

    Hi David!

    [Hi Carolyn! Does this look like Montclair Plaza to you? No. — DA]

  • Flo’s Airport Cafe at Chino Airport

  • Scott in R.C.

    It vaguely reminds me of the phone booth at Flo’s at the Chino Airport.

    [It specifically reminds of me Flo’s. — DA]

  • Scott in R.C.

    Did you go there to take a picture or get some pie?

    [I multi-tasked. — DA]