Casa Flores

I’m sorry to note the passing of Casa Flores, a florist and nursery on Yale Avenue in the Claremont Village, across from Rhino Records.

Casa Flores closed sometime in April after many years in business. It was there when I moved to Claremont in 1999 and seemed like a fixture.

I suppose I dropped the ball on this one, but you know how it is — there’s more material out there than I have time to pursue. Actually, you’d think this is what the Claremont Courier is for, but they never wrote about its closing either.

Update: All I can find about Casa Flores online is that it was “family owned and operated since 1932.” Wow! Now it’s yet another of the useful Village shops of the past that’s gone, probably to be replaced by a salon or an organic dog biscuit store.

Anyone have any experiences with Casa Flores or information about the owners?

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  • Bob House

    A very nice woman named Polly Cullen (I believe last name is correct), who lived just up the block from us on South College, was at Casa Flores from the ’50s or ’60s, into the ’80s and was (again, I believe) the owner some or all of that time.

    While I haven’t lived in Claremont for many years, I always ordered my Mother’s Day flowers delivery from Casa Flores.

    [That was a long-lived shop. Thanks, Bob. — DA]

  • D.L. MacLaughlan-Dumes

    I bought my first bunch of flowers at Casa Flores in 1969 (violets…you could actually buy violets in those days) for a high school friend whose cat was ailing.

    When the shop expanded to include a small nursery in the 1970s I was a regular visitor, having caught the horticulture bug from other local nurseries like Rosedale’s on Indian Hill and Foothill, Mt. Fuji in Upland and Kimura in La Verne.

    Casa Flores was unique, with a thoughtful selection of rare plants and garden decor. The staff was always helpful, the floral stock fresh and affordable.

    I’m sorry to hear that they’re gone.

    [Thank you, D.L. — DA]

  • Ginger Elliott

    The outdoor plant shop at Casa Flores was proposed to be made into a city park in the 1960s.

    Casa Flores has always responded to non-profit requests for a floral arrangement for any event — they were great community supporters.

    [Thank you, Ginger. — DA]

  • Joan Bunte

    Casa Flores– Dee and Chris Yeager were only the 4th owners of Casa Flores. You are right, the shop opened in 1932 and remained a vital business in the Claremont Village all those years. The Yeagers have children both in high school and college and plan themselves to return to college.

    [Thanks for the added info, Joan. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Just saw this in the Claremont Courier, updating detail on Casa Flores:

    I had Polly Cullers’ last name wrong in my original post. Courier letter also mentions 2 other icons of downtown Claremont in the ’50s — the “5 and dime” and Everett’s Shoe Shop.

    [There’s since been another Courier letter saying Casa Flores was never the same after the Gliddens sold it. — DA]

  • Deanna Abercrombie

    I am so sad to hear Casa Flores is gone. I lived in Claremont from 1964 to 2005. Always looked forward to the window displays and the wonderful items they had for sale in the stores. Whenever I needed to send flowers to someone they were always there for me. The employees were always so helpful.

    My sister was just there visiing in Claremont and noticed the store was gone. That is how I heard about it. I am now living in Washington State and love it very much. So many new changes in Claremont since I left. Claremont will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Richard Bonilla

    I knew Polly…she was very nice. I worked there as a driver around 1973-74 … good folks…a real pleasure to work with….cheers from Colorado….