Casa Flores

I’m sorry to note the passing of Casa Flores, a florist and nursery on Yale Avenue in the Claremont Village, across from Rhino Records.

Casa Flores closed sometime in April after many years in business. It was there when I moved to Claremont in 1999 and seemed like a fixture.

I suppose I dropped the ball on this one, but you know how it is — there’s more material out there than I have time to pursue. Actually, you’d think this is what the Claremont Courier is for, but they never wrote about its closing either.

Update: All I can find about Casa Flores online is that it was “family owned and operated since 1932.” Wow! Now it’s yet another of the useful Village shops of the past that’s gone, probably to be replaced by a salon or an organic dog biscuit store.

Anyone have any experiences with Casa Flores or information about the owners?

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