Eader’s Bakery, Ontario


In today’s column, Ontario Councilman Jim Bowman mentions having worked as a dishwasher at Eader’s Bakery while at Chaffey High in the 1960s. Kelly Zackmann of the Ontario Library’s history room turned up this image from the 1967 Ontario phone directory. Eader’s was near Wag’s, later Molly’s, a soda fountain and diner.

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  • John Eader

    Wow….love the photo of the bread bag…216 N. Euclid…I remember it well. My sister, Linda, and I worked there with mom and dad.

    [Nice hearing from a member of the Eader family! — DA]

  • David Linck

    I had my first cream puff at Eader’s…and it hooked me.

  • Shirley Patrick

    Having moved to D and Vine in the early ’40s I sure do remember the great shops in downtown Ontario. On Friday night my mom, sister and I would get in our car just afer dinner and go downtown. Park our car and get an ice cream cone at Henry’s (then Wag’s) and watch the people.

    The nice stores were Ostrans, Fallis Bros, Newtons Stationery and, of course, Newberrys and the great soda fountain at Gemmel’s. The Poisters ran that for many years and the cherry cokes and phosphates were the signature of the fountain. I even worked there while I was in high school in the ’50s.

    To be perfectly honest I truly miss the good ole days.

    [I can see why. Shirley, thanks for stopping by the blog. — DA]

  • I used to give the cute boys at Chaffey High School coupons redeemable at the bakery for a free do-nut, until mom said, “Stop it Linda”…worked for a while. What I remember most are holidays at the bakery. We worked from 5:30 a.m. to about 5 p.m. Mom and dad worked longer. The bakery put my brother through dental school. Very successful business. I learned so much from the experience of working there, etc. Sometimes after working there I’d walk down to Wag’s and get an ice cream cone for 10 cents. Wish I could go back for a day. Thanks for the picture of the Eader’s Bakery bag.

    [Nice to hear from an actual Eader! — DA]

  • jilliana

    I remember my grandmother taking me to Eader’s for “angel cookies” back in early 60’s. That was the highlight of my visit! Also we would go to Boneys market and get sodas. If remember correctly, my grandparents lived in a duplex on C street.