NYC food

28032-nycfood 001.jpg

An oversized pastrami sandwich at Carnegie Deli in Manhattan…

28033-nycfood 002.jpg

…pizza at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn…

28034-nycfood 003.jpg

…raspberry swirl cheesecake at Junior’s in Grand Central Station…

28035-nycfood 004.jpg

…a slice and a window seat at Pronto Pizza on Broadway in Manhattan…

28036-nycfood 005.jpg

…and a slice from Two Boots at Grand Central Station, placed on an MTA-themed tabletop in the food court.

Not pictured: a hot dog and papaya drink at Gray’s Papaya, a hot dog from a cart outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, beef brisket at Junior’s, a tuna melt panini at Hot and Crusty, etc., etc.

Hungry yet?

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