NYC food

28032-nycfood 001.jpg

An oversized pastrami sandwich at Carnegie Deli in Manhattan…

28033-nycfood 002.jpg

…pizza at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn…

28034-nycfood 003.jpg

…raspberry swirl cheesecake at Junior’s in Grand Central Station…

28035-nycfood 004.jpg

…a slice and a window seat at Pronto Pizza on Broadway in Manhattan…

28036-nycfood 005.jpg

…and a slice from Two Boots at Grand Central Station, placed on an MTA-themed tabletop in the food court.

Not pictured: a hot dog and papaya drink at Gray’s Papaya, a hot dog from a cart outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, beef brisket at Junior’s, a tuna melt panini at Hot and Crusty, etc., etc.

Hungry yet?

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  • Matt (formerly of RC)

    Dave, did you eat anything besides pizza and a yummy looking pastrami sandwich?

    [Didn’t you see the cheesecake? — DA]

  • Pomona’s Art Colonists

    Juan and I went on a search for the best New York foods or what we felt New York food was. Each day we were there we set rules for ourselves, Hot dog day we could only have hot dogs in search of the best and so on. This is what we found….

    Carmines for Italian, Katz for Pastrami sandwiches and Coney Island for Hot Dogs!
    If you drink beer….McSorley’s Old Ale House!

    Yes, I am hungry just thinking about it! New York is so much fun, enjoy your trip!

    [I did! — DA]

  • Charles Bentley

    Pictures will not suffice, Dave. We want to hear your thoughts on Big Apple Cuisine v. Big Orange Eats.

    I’ll admit, pizza is extremely subjective. The arguments of thin crust v. thick crust v. deep dish v. woodfire grill v. yada yada yada go on forever. And that doesn’t include the regional bias that always creeps in (Brooklyn v. Boston v. Chicago) as well as national pride (Sicilian v. Greek v. American v. Argentine).

    But, hey, what about the pastrami? Is it light years better than what we find around here (as oh so many Nu Yawkers claim)? And the hot dogs? I see you didn’t visit Nathan’s Famous, but Gray’s Papaya (what, you couldn’t make it to Papaya King?) has plenty of Hollywood connections. How does it fare dog-to-dog with the best of L.A.?

    Faithful readers want the truth. We can HANDLE the truth!

    [Loved the Gray’s Papaya dog, even though I was eating it at 10:50 a.m. before going to the airport. I felt like I didn’t have the quintessential NY pizza because all the slices I had were slightly disappointing. The cheesecake was, bar none, the best I’ve ever had. The pastrami was excellent. Then again, was it better than Langer’s? So, kind of a mixed review. I liked everything fine but it’s hard to separate the hype and boosterism from the actual product and weigh it all against L.A. memories. — DA]

  • Shirley Wofford

    It all looks delicious, David. I have been told by friends how extremely expensive New York is. You didn’t state the price of each dish. I’m guessing the cheesecake cost about $15. Am I close?

    [More like $7. The pastrami and full pizza were close to $15, the slices around $3. An ex-New Yorker pal told me the touristy places in mid-town are more expensive than everyday eating. — DA]

  • Manhattan

    I love New York, but New Yorkers think too highly of their pizza. It’s exactly the same quality as in the rest of the US and there’s nothing special regionally. I have no idea why New Yorkers brag about it when the city has so many other unique things that are more worthy of bragging about.