Subterranean sounds

Since my column mentions the subway performers I saw while in NYC, and I have photos, I might as well share them here as a bonus. (You can read more about NYC subway performers at the Saw Lady’s blog.)

28104-subwaymusic 004.jpg

Above are the Ebony Hillbillies in (I think) the 42nd Street subway station, doing old-timey songs such as “Hard Times.” There was a decent-sized audience, as seen below.

28105-subwaymusic 005.jpg
28106-subwaymusic 002.jpg

Speaking of old-time sounds, how about this fellow on musical saw? I think he was in the Rockefeller Center station. He was performing some recognizable pop chestnut that had me humming, although the title has since slipped my mind.

28107-subwaymusic 001.jpg

And at the Cathedral Parkway platform, this man was regaling us with Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” and quite well.

That’s one thing we don’t encounter much in suburban L.A.: random music. Our loss.

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  • John Clifford

    Gee, and you didn’t see any in your rides around LA’s subway system? Next time you’re on the Red Line, there’s a guy with a portable keyboard who hangs out just at the bottom of the first set of stairs leading down from 7th and Hope into the Metro/7th Station where the Red/Purple and Green lines converge.

    So at least Urban LA has some of NYC’s “culture.” Now if we ONLY had a saw player!!!

  • Ramona

    There are urban entertainers galore most days at Venice Beach. A different breed, perhaps, but entertaining nonetheless.

    It’s always a treat to come across the unexpected entrepreneur no matter what the level of proficiency with their instruments.

    I try to make sure I have a few small bills and coins with me when I’m lucky enough to make it to Venice. The musicians and the junk food are what make the trip worthwhile.

  • Charles Bentley

    The problem with saw players is they are hard to see. And while many are long in the tooth, their music, typically, is cutting edge.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

    [I’m surprised you didn’t say that the instrument makes you so sleepy, you start sawing logs. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Just a tidbit — Dodger catcher Russell Martin was raised in Canada by his father, who made his living as a street musician like this. I really do love rags to riches stories.