This was the word that decided the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee. It means, according to news accounts, “indifferent in religion or politics.”

To use it in a sentence: “People who fill the Daily Bulletin’s letters to the editor section are not Laodicean.”

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  • http://kassandrascurrentevents.blogspot.com Kassandra Rozek

    …or…”Hey! Did you see those Laodiceans just stand there and watch the Catholic priest take a girlfriend and then decide to be Episcopalian?” When everyone on the street quieted enough so they could be heard, one turned to the other and said, “Do you want to go get a grilled cheese sandwich?”

  • A. S. ASHLEY

    Says you!

  • http://kassandrascurrentevents.blogspot.com Kassandra Rozek

    um…says who? I’m a little confused…I’ll outline it here:

    I. David Allen writes: definition of Laodicean: “indifferent in religion or politics.”

    II. David Allen uses word in sentence: sentence basically suggests that people who write editorials to paper are not indifferent to religion or politics (or… they are wasting time writing their rants and should be less concerned with these things… I’m not sure — that’s where his clever writing ability and sharp wit comes in — you can deduce your own interpretation!)

    III. Rozek uses two definitions of word: Laodiceans are also in the bible as people from Laodicea…Which is one of the uses in the sentence!

    IV. Rozek’s sentence: uses recent religion topic from current news and suggests that the Laodiceans (or people from Laodicea) are indifferent to a topic in religion today by continuing the sentence without thought of religion and going for a sandwich.

    V. Ashley says: “says you!”

    VI. Rozek baffled! But wonders what the price of tea in China is?

    [No need to be baffled: Ashley’s comment was a (funny) response to my crack about the letter-writers, not a response to your comment, which hadn’t yet been posted. Both your comments were in my inbox waiting to be approved. If there had been a simple way to reverse the order of their appearance, I’d have done it. — DA]