New reason to avoid Chino Hills

From a press release from The Shoppes:

“The Shoppes at Chino Hills will once again team up with K-FROG 95.1 to host a country music concert series every Saturday night in June from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.”

We appreciate the warning.

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  • David, you’re un-American. 🙂 But even you have to admit that a country music concert series is preferable to the cow chip bingo fund-raisers that Ayala High School hosts…

  • Kristin McConnell

    Amen, brother! Unless it’s bluegrass or very old country-western (think ’60s and ’70s), then I’m out! My husband and kids might be there, though. My daughter is all about Taylor Swift! LOL

    [I like the old stuff too, and older than that. The Carter Family rocks! — DA]

  • Doug from Chino Hills

    “New Reason to Avoid Chino Hills:” That subject title alone is worth its weight in funny. And, though my country-music loving neighbors (great people all, by the way!) might not appreciate the sentiment, I’m also going to say I’m thankful for the warning.

    An (old?) joke: What happens when you play a country music record backwards? Your girlfriend comes back, your job rehires you, and your truck starts working again. I heard that joke from one neighbor during a get-together at another neighbor’s house where country music was blaring. We were in the minority.

    Did I mention that my neighbors are great people? Just in case they’re reading this?

    [You did. We all heard you. — DA]

  • Bonnie

    Why avoid the Shoppes? Explain…

    [Now that the earlier comments have been posted, it should all be clear, Bonnie. — DA]

  • Hah! I too despise country music, yet my girlfriend loves it. I give her good music and luckily she hasn’t tried to force much country down my throat…yet.

  • Bonnie

    O.K. you don’t like country music. I thought the reaon to avoid the Shoppes is because of the rotten traffic pattern — who was bribed to allow the messy parking and street layout?

    [They don’t make downtowns, or even fake downtowns, like they used to. — DA]