Goddess of Pomona shuts down (temporarily?)

One of my favorite local blogs, www.goddessof pomona.com, since last Wednesday has been displaying a generic Blogger.com template with the message “This blog is open to invited readers only.”

Is the Goddess of Pomona pulling up the drawbridge?

I e-mailed the Goddess to inquire and she said she’d shut the blog down of her own volition due to “anonymous attacks in the comments section of late. Especially after learning the source of the latest comments.” She didn’t elaborate, but said the attacks have made blogging “not so fun.”

“So until I decide what to do, I’ve put a lock on the blog,” she said.

I suppose I should point out the irony of an anonymous blogger complaining about anonymous commenters, but that’s the blogosphere. I do hope she returns.

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  • John Clifford

    I join you in hoping that the goddess rejoins us in the blogosphere. It’s unfortunate that someone can be intimidated for expressing their freedom of speech, but I understand her concerns.

    We’re all behind you goddess and look forward to your imminent return.

  • tam

    she can always moderate comments. the internet is full of coward anonymous jerks.

  • Mark

    It is just not right that anyone should feel intimidation for a blog. Freedom of speech is still the law of the land. City leaders had better not try to impede this right in any way because there are no secrets.

    It will come out what you have been up to.

    We are watching.

  • http://diversitown.blogspot.com meg

    Online communication requires a pretty thick skin sometimes — and that probably goes double for journalism. In 20 years of putting my writing/thoughts/self out there, I bet I haven’t been called half the nasty things you have been, D-Bomb. (Although I’ve been called some doozies — the first few of which hurt.)

    [There’s no crying in journalism or baseball. Not sure about blogging. But, yeah, I’ve been yelled at by expert and amateur alike and, perverse types that we news folks are, pretty soon rankling people becomes a mark of pride. — DA]

  • tibbi

    This is disheartening. What does it take to dethrone a person who is so outspoken?

    I don’t like this. It stinks like communism….

  • REN

    Well it’s part of the job like Mr. Allen said. I get it not all the time but I do get my share. Hey just have to keep moving forward and tell those people up your nose with a rubber hose.

    [You’re takin’ me back to “Welcome Back, Kotter,” REN. — DA]

  • 3J

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to get invited. Does anyone know how this is done?


    [Not me. I’m under the impression she’s simply not posting, which would make the question of access moot. Anyone? — DA]

  • John.Clifford

    My understanding is that goddess chose the “private” route as a way of “shutting down” her blog temporarily. So I don’t believe that she’s inviting anyone to join. Unfortunately.

    I was concerned that it was something I had said, but she assured me that it was an anonymous blogger who had caused her to make this decision.

    I hope that it does end up being temporary. She just celebrated 3 years and I’d love to see her there for at least another 3 or more.

  • Ms. Lois

    I’m really sad she isn’t posting. Her blog just turned three years old and I was hoping for many more to come.

  • Skrip

    Well, you can always post on your blog and choose to not have comments activated. Goddess, please at least do this… It just doesn’t feel right not being able to visit your site!

    [I agree. I keep clicking on the link every morning just in case… DA]

  • Robin

    Oh dear, I hope it wasn’t anything I said. I do try to be polite, even if my ideas are sometimes contrary.

  • http://anduhrew.blogspot.com Anduhrew

    I hope she returns quickly, she was the first person I met when I moved to Pomona, she’s so kind and welcoming, and she also inspired me to start my own blog. I’m standing up for the woman and I hope she makes a triumphant return!

  • http://mygardenismyhappyplace.blogspot.com cindy

    I miss her postings as well. I hope she opens up the blog again soon.