An afternoon in L.A.

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Saturday I climbed aboard a Metrolink train for an afternoon in the big city (no, not Upland). On the way I decided a good plan, since I was interested in hitting Virgin Megastore’s sale at Hollywood and Highland, would be to try Skooby’s for lunch. Skooby’s is a well-regarded hot dog stand at Hollywood Boulevard at Cherokee.

I had a dog, fries and Coke for $7.59. The dog (natural casing, all beef) was grilled to perfection, the fries (Idaho potatoes, with zero trans-fat peanut oil, and seasoned), with a few potato chips mixed in, were even better, with the side of aioli dipping sauce proving addictive.

Virgin’s closeout sale is now 50 percent off CDs and DVDs. I picked up two Van Morrison retrospectives, the deluxe edition of Love’s “Forever Changes” and Los Campesinos’ second album. They’re playing the Glass House on Aug. 22, btw. I went to the Virgin in NYC’s Union Square during my vacation, making me a bicoastal closeout shopper.

The Disney Soda Fountain by the Egyptian Theater was packed with (ugh) families, so I rode the Red Line back to Union Station and had a slice of apple pie and an iced tea at Philippe’s before heading home.

One reason I do these outings is to give myself some distraction-free reading time. I took along Ray Bradbury’s “Farewell Summer,” his slim 2006 sequel to 1957’s “Dandelion Wine.” I recently reread “DW” for the first time in three decades. “FS” got mixed notices from fans, but if “DW” was a home run, I’d say “FS” was a triple. With two train rides, two subway rides and two restaurant stops, I read the book from start to finish.


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  • Tom Meader

    Now I know why I enjoy reading your prose, another LOVE fan, somewhat few and far between.

    Had the pleasure of seeing Arthur Lee and company in two excellent shows at the end of, I believe, 2004 and again in 2005/2006, complete with strings, etc., at one show.

    As you may know he passed away in 2006.

    Very much under appreciated!!

    Long Live “The Habit” in La Verne!!


    [“Forever Changes” has only grown in my estimation over the years. It’s not as well known as it should be, but it’s better known than it was, say, five years ago, I think, which is a good sign. You’re lucky to have seen the band. — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    Skooby’s is great, but have you ever had Windy C’s Hot Dogs in Upland right next door to Rubio’s? The hot dogs are good but the reason I sometimes go is the owner Freddy. He is maybe the single rudest business owner I have ever seen. You can go on Yahoo Locals and people have posted horror stories about this guy. He has to be seen to be believed. To really get him going ask him questions or try and engage in small talk.

    [It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in but I do recall the guy behind the counter being especially taciturn. Hmm. Btw, there’s now a Windy C’s in downtown Upland at 2nd Avenue and C Street. — DA]

  • KSB

    Los Campesinos! are great. I’ve been wanting to see them for about a year, but keep missing their shows. I’ll definitely make the Glass House. I think their second record is nearly as strong as their first, which is striking given that it started out as a collection of (more or less) odds and ends.

    [I’m looking forward to comparing the two. — DA]