Remembering Upland’s Taco Jiffy

Reader Bob Butcher left a comment on our ever-popular Things That Aren’t Here Anymore thread recently — part of our Reminiscin’ category — which prompted a response from his old friend and former Taco Jiffy employee Sally (Switzer) Lasby.

Taco Jiffy? Turns out that’s the forerunner of today’s Taco King, the place on Foothill in Upland with the charming sign with a cactus and the motto “Home of the Bean Special.”

I reconnected the two of them and Bob us sent the following e-mail. I’m presenting a portion of it here, lightly edited, because it may bring back memories for some of you. For the rest of us, it’s an entertaining read. Take it away, Bob:

“Do I remember Taco Jiffy? I spent five years of my life there pumping out Mexican delicacies to the public.

“I fondly remember some of the ‘special customers,’ like the group that came weekly from Otis Elevator in RC (not here anymore). The Hells Angels roared in weekly. They had just recently formed and were headquartered in an old stone house in north Rancho Cucamonga.

“And then there were the ‘frantic’ 10 Cent Taco Monday Nights! A prominent coupon in the Daily Report TV section produced really long lines of hungry bodies. Then there were the frequent visits of Vince Vella, better known as “Little Oscar” (the world’s smallest chef) and the famed Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile. They parked it in front of the place and Vince gave the kids OM whistles and then came inside where my Mom would fix him a vegetable tostada.

“Across the street from Taco Jiffy was Weitzel’s Yum Yum Burgers and Frostees (not here anymore), home of the fantastic Atomic Burger — gigantic and delicious. And east of that, the original Noble Inn (not here anymore). All of this was just east of Bill’s Ranch Market (not here anymore), the Chevron gas station (not here anymore) — and across Foothill Blvd was/is Upland Memorial Park.

“Do I remember Taco Jiffy? You better believe I do!!!”

Wasn’t that fun? Thanks, Bob.

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  • Bonnie

    I came across this site while looking for Vince Vella. He dated my older sister and became a frequent visitor with Wienermobile and driver at our house. Boy were we the kids on the block then…. We lost touch, it would sure be nice to find him.