Free bus rides on Thursday

Foothill Transit is taking part in a national “Dump the Pump” promotion. Just present a coupon to a bus driver this Thursday and you can ride free all day. Here’s the link to the form to fill out.

Presumably this coupon would be good for anyone — commuters, joyriders, whoever — wanting to try out the Silver Streak bus that goes from the Montclair TransCenter and downtown Pomona to L.A. in a straight shot. When the service was introduced with free rides, I took a half-day off work and ate lunch at Philippe’s.

Omnitrans, the main San Bernardino County bus service, is offering free rides too; here’s a link to its coupon.

Both coupons will be handy for anyone trying to get around the Inland Valley that day without wheels.

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  • A. S. ASHLEY

    How long was the ride from Pomona to LA and what time of the day did you go?

    [The ride (and I started in Montclair) was maybe an hour and 15 minutes — there were only four or five stops. That’s why it’s the Silver Streak, baby. I left in late morning, had lunch and got back to the office by 3 p.m.-ish. The only hitch was figuring out where the stop was for the return trip. I found one near Olvera Street and there’s also a stop by Union Station on the side facing the 101. — DA]

  • I rode the bus that day and in addition to the free ride, they handed out buttons that said “I Dumped The Pump”… and bottles of Foothill Transit branded hand sanitizer, in case one happened to touch something else that may have been “dumped.”

    [Snort! — DA]