Pomona stories on video

Click here for the 6-minute video the Pomona Public Library made of my interview concerning the 2007 Pomona Christmas Parade. Modesty forbids my reminding you who was grand marshal that year.

My column today explains the video interviews the library has been conducting. Here’s the link to see all the completed videos so far. You can also watch them all on a bigger screen at an event at the library, 625 S. Garey Ave., at 1 p.m. Saturday.

If you have a Pomona story, I highly recommend your participation. Phone the library at (909) 620-3709 or e-mail them at library (at) ci.pomona.ca.us to make an appointment or ask questions.

“We’d like lots of people from the community to come in and do this,” says Bruce Guter of the library staff.

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  • If there’s a 2009 parade and you’re in it, will you wear your housekeeper’s smock?

    [Or my big webbed feet? — DA]

  • I was not able to actually see the 2007 parade, but I read the reviews and saw the pictures. You made a splendid Grand Marshal, or so I’m told, and I do believe you’re right about parade goers not really knowing who the Grand Marshal is.

    As a member of the 2009 Pomona Christmas Parade committee I can tell you that the selection of a Grand Marshal is a very difficult task. First comes the brainstorming session about this person and that person. Is he/she still alive? does anyone know how to contact the candidate, do you think he/she will do it? There are a ton of questions and concerns, not the least of which is, will he/she be well received and will he/she jinx the parade and put the kibosh on it? (I’m just kidding).

    I have it from a reliable source that you may be asked to participate in this year’s parade, in what capacity we’re not sure, perhaps a celebrity guest newspaper columnist? The selection committee is hard at work in its attempts to select a Grand Marshal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. See you at the parade, David…

  • Mary Kent

    Well done! Enjoyed it very much.

    [Thank you. — DA]

  • judi

    To Wendy and David: Heyyyyy! No inside jokes!! If you don’t elaborate, that leaves us all to create our own backstory. And unfortunately, David, warped minds (like mine) might concoct an interpretation that is none too flattering. So either e-mail it or detail it! 🙂

    To Larry: I would like to suggest you invite Dr. Phillip Pumerantz and his wife Harriet to be your Grand Marshals. They founded Western University of Health Sciences (formerly COMP), taking a run-down part of Pomona and turning it into a state-of-the-art, first class medical school campus. They are both still a driving force behind its growth and expansions, and I think they might be honored to lead the parade. You can find contact info at http://www.westernu.edu.

    [The Pumerantzes are a good call, Judi. As for the housekeeper’s smock/webbed feet comments, I’m sensing that you were a bad girl and didn’t watch the video. Tsk, tsk. I said in the video that “The Brady Bunch”‘s Alice rode in the parade in her housekeeper’s smock, and also that Donald Duck, the 1976 grand marshal, left big webbed feet for me to fill. Your interpretation was probably more interesting… DA]

  • Judi,

    Great idea!

  • judi

    Oh, I am embarrassed. I didn’t watch the video before leaving my comment, but I really planned to. Really. I had a list of cyber-videos to watch, and yours was between “Funniest Cat Video Ever” and “Man Launches Fireworks Between Legs.” I just needed a block of time to properly enjoy all.

    Out of shame, I moved your video to the top of my list and watched it this morning. Very entertaining! And now the housekeeper’s smock and duck feet references make perfect sense, albeit much more benign than in my scenario.

    Then I clicked off the video and back to this white background where an afterimage of you in the fedora floated around on the screen. It was almost as if to haunt me as punishment. I’m sorry, okay?!

    [I accept your desperately phrased apology! — DA]

  • judi


    Thanks! Good luck with the parade!

  • marc c.

    great job in the video, dave!

    funny stuff, although i did not hear one of my favorite anecdotes from the day — the comments of the motorcycle policeman over his loud speaker.

    and the loan of a certain camera…

    [Oh, yeah, the motorcycle cop who said only “muffler shop” in response to my column comment about Holt’s “world-class array of muffler shops.” And thanks for the old-style camera for me to wear, Marc. At least your photo made the video! — DA]

  • Tiffany

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