A dangerous world, but there’s insurance for that

29534-insurance 001.jpg

On my way to Masala Bowl in Chino Hills the other day, I spotted an insurance office seemingly tailored to Russell Crowe.

29535-insurance 002.jpg

That reminded me of an Ontario insurance office that apparently targets that subset headed off to Africa with pith helmets, guns and native bearers. At least the insurance looks affordable.

However, my hopes of a trifecta of oddly named insurance offices was thwarted when a visit to the Mountain Green center in Upland revealed that Survival Insurance is no more. Survival Insurance didn’t survive? A sobering note for us all.

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  • don j

    “Swindle Insurance” on Holt in Montclair was my fave — run by a guy named Elvis.

    [Elvis Swindle. Somehow he was elected mayor of Montclair. — DA]

  • Bob House

    The second sign appears to be illegally hung from a telephone or power pole support. But Safari they’re getting away with it.

    [Ba-da-boom. Chhhh. — DA]

  • Linda Frost

    I remember the Swindle agency. Every time I drove by it, I’d think about taking a picture of it. My sister-in-law was an insurance agent for Northwestern Mutual Life. Her number was Agent 007.

    [Now that’s danger. — DA]