Inland Valley Photo Quiz No. 2

29580-mysteryphoto 002.jpg

Remember our first mystery photo? Here’s another one. The subject is out in plain sight in the Inland Valley and, in keeping with the idea behind these quizzes, is known by some of you, but not all of you. Can you guess what and where it is?

(The “busy” background, nearby trees and dull coloring made a good photograph difficult, but I did my best.)

Like last time, I will withhold posting your comments to avoid spoiling the fun if someone gets it correct right away. Wild guesses are encouraged. Comments and the answer will be posted here Tuesday morning.

UPDATE 6:38 a.m. Tuesday: The contest is closed, the comments posted, and it looks like I underestimated how recognizable the scene is. Or perhaps I underestimated how many Montclair readers this blog has. Either way, almost everyone guessed that the above scene is of a statue outside Montclair City Hall, with the council chambers in the background.

Congratulations to Lisa, Kathy, Kristin McConnell, Shirley Wofford, Derek Deason and Desdave. But kudos to Bob House for trying.

We’ll do this again soon and I’ll try to be even sneakier.

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  • Lisa

    I’ll be embarrassed if I get this wrong because I spent many long nights covering this city council in the early aughts. Is it Montclair City Hall?

    [It is. — DA]

  • Kathy

    Montclair Library/civic center?

    [Yes. — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    Montclair City Hall/ Library??

    Seems to fit… 🙂

    [It does. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Well, David, of course this one is all too easy for one who lives in Montclair. Of course, you know I know what this is. Sorry there’s not a big prize attached.

    [Ed McMahon was going to bring the prize van around, but, well, you know… — DA]

  • Derek Deason

    This is outside of Montclair city hall, near the council chanmbers.

    [Yep. — DA]

  • Bob House

    It’s the famous “Three Birds and That Other Thing” sculpture that’s over there, you know, by that sort of curved building. Just a guess . . .

    [Your guess is eerily accurate, in a vague way. — DA]

  • David Lintner

    It’s a stop sign. It’s on top of a pole. Don’t you just hate comments like this?

    [Strangely, no. — DA]

  • Desdave

    Easy… The exterior of Montclair City Hall.

    [Too easy, apparently. — DA]

  • Dave Wallace

    Pomona, California, one of the weirdest towns in the Inland Empire.

    [Weirdly, no. Better rethink your assumptions, Dave. — DA]

  • Duane Lighthall

    Darn, I am a day late on this one. Answer this. Do you know what was demolished with the building of the council chambers?

    [I do not. Answer, please? — DA]

  • Duane Lighthall

    Well….since you asked. There was a fountain that was nearly as big as the footprint of the council chambers (at least I think it was). I was not old enough at the time to participate in the throwing of Salvo tablets (remember the laundry detergent in tablet form) into the fountain, which created quite a foamy mess.

    [Heh heh. Those darn kids. Thanks for the info, Duane. — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    It was a wild guess, seeing as the only time I’ve been there was during an attempt to get our marriage license. The people there were very interesting and wouldn’t serve us. We ended up going to the library in Fontana to get it. Ontario, where we live, didn’t offer that service. LOL

    [And yet the Montclair visit helped you solve our second photo quiz — more proof that no experience is ever wasted! — DA]

  • Roger Daltrey

    Yup, Montclair City Hall.

    But that geezer in the photo. Can you say “Who’s Next” album cover?… :]

    [I don’t think he’s leaving his mark, “Roger.” — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    The Council Chambers and the fountain co-existed for several years. The fountain received the noted abuse now and then. It was eventually replaced by the Memorial Garden.