Major Matt Mason!

With the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing upon us, I’ve been musing about the moon and the space toys I had as a boy.

No. 1 favorite was Major Matt Mason, the astronaut figure (OK, doll). I also had his pals Sgt. Storm, Capt. Lazer and Callisto, the alien with the green transparent head.

And, based on perusing the excellent Major Matt Mason website The Space Station and ransacking the brain in my non-transparent head, I owned more MMM merchandise than I’d have thought.

I had the Talking Command Console, the Moon Suit, the Jet Propulsion Pack, the Space Sled, the Space Bubble pulled by the Unitred Space Hauler, the Cat Trac, the Space Crawler and the deadly Firebolt Space Cannon. I was fully accessorized. (Although I never had the Lunar Base Command Set.)

All of that’s long gone, but I still have my Big Little Book for Major Matt Mason, in which he encountered giant burrowing moon worms. It remains vaguely terrifying.

Anyone else ever play with these or other space toys?

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  • WendyE.

    My brother and I had the Moon Flight game from Avon. There was a rubber space bottle (that first came filled with Avon shampoo) that you would squeeze to launch a capsule. You would orbit the capsule around the game board to get to the moon and back. I don’t remember much about the real lunar landing — I was just shy of being 2 months old. Mom says she sat me on her lap in front of the TV and held my eyes open as it happened.

    [Good ol’ Mom. — DA]

  • Don J

    My brother Pat had a decent collection, not as much as our cousins.

    Tom Hanks is doing the movie, & brought his own toys to the meeting;

  • Bob House

    Playing the two post parlay . . .

    When the moon landing occurred in July of 1969, I was working at Mattel Toys headquarters in Hawthorne, helping to get all those Matt Mason toys into the hands of America’s space-obsessed future journalists.

    [And a fine job you did, Bob, at least in my case. Say, do you have any spare Lunar Base Command Sets lying around the house? — DA]

  • Todd Dice


    I had a Major Matt Mason, Mattel’s Man in Space. It was my favorite “action figure.” What bummed me though was the wire inside him broke at the joints so he wasn’t posable any longer. The paint used on Matt also wasn’t very good as mine had black blotches where the paint peeled.

    I don’t know what happened to mine, probably my dad placed into a “space ship” whose contents were destined for an Earth Space Base known as the dump.

    I think you can still get him on eBay.

    [The wire broke in my Callisto figure with the same effect. Waaah. — DA]