The guy who came in from the heat

Good gosh it’s hot. My house doesn’t have air conditioning and isn’t really set up for a window unit either, so things get mighty toasty this time of year.

Saturday I took the train to L.A. and caught a matinee of the Iraq war movie “The Hurt Locker” at the ArcLight — very good, and not just because of the a/c. Sunday I left the house for a late lunch in La Verne, a trip to B&N in Montclair and then a coffeehouse visit in Claremont. Back home by 7-ish each evening, I opened windows and started cooling the place down.

How’s the heat treatin’ ya?

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  • DebB

    My house is not air conditioned either, and the casement windows don’t allow for traditional window units. So a few years ago I bought a free-standing unit, and last year bought a second one to supplement the first. They must be vented out a window, and the condensation drained, so you need to be a little creative in setting them up. But once I got that figured out, I have at least been comfortable inside. They keep the temps down close to 80 (much better than the 90+ without them). I bought both of mine at Fry’s, in the $200-$400 range if i remember correctly, and worth the investment. Do a little research first to know how to choose the best one for your situation.

    [Thanks, Deb. I’ll look into one. — DA]

  • Ramona

    Come onna my house! My house-a come on!

    Two years ago I went in hock up to my knees (not quite my eyeballs) to replace my 20-year-old unit. I usually don’t keep it quite cool enough in the house for average folks — 82 degrees — but for you I’d bump it down a bit. At the price I paid the coolness might as well be shared.

    Grilled, crumb-coated tilapia and a tossed salad with veggies and a lite chunky bleu cheese dressing are on the menu and I might find a gooey chocolate something for dessert.

    Seriously, D-Bomb. I feel your heat. And that of others. Take care of yourself. We can’t have you melting away. Hydrate!!

    [Yes, ma’am. I won’t argue with a grandmother who channels Rosemary Clooney. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Helloooooooo! Not to change the subject too much, but I really want to see “The Hurt Locker.” My son just shipped out for his 3rd tour, the 1st two in Iraq as a Navy Corpsman, but this time he got “lucky” to be sent to some remote atoll in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia…sounds like a nice cigar. Knowing he’s not going back into combat will allow me to watch the movie and not have to worry too much about him.

    [It’s a cinema verite thing, gritty and naturalistic, and it’s very easy to believe it’s a fair approximation of combat in Iraq. I believe it’s based on work by an embedded journalist. And — I just checked — it’ll be at the Claremont Laemmle beginning Friday! — DA]

  • Bonnie

    PLEASE don’t tease us by not naming where you had your late lunch in La Verne and where you went for coffee in Claremont. Love reading your blog, but even more I like getting new ideas on where to eat. Being retired I spend bunches of time reading and also exploring new restaurants. Thanks.

    [When the location isn’t directly relevant I take pains to avoid looking like I’m doing product-placement. But since you ask, lunch was at Taste of Asia, a recent Restaurant of the Week entry, and the coffeehouse was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a regular haunt of mine. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I look forward to viewing “The Hurt Locker” at the Laemmle on senior-day next week. I usually scan the “Rotten Tomatoes” critics’ website before deciding whether or not to spend my time on any respective movie. I see that “Hurt Locker” has received 97% fresh tomatoes. Without even seeing the movie yet, I would guess that it could become this generation’s “Platoon.”

    I wish a safe, future homecoming for Mr. Terry’s son.

  • Bob Terry

    “God Bless You, Shirley!”