R.I.P.: Mama’s Grill

Reader Elizabeth Ertel alerts us that Mama’s Grill, a Greek restaurant on Haven Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga, near Arrow Highway in the JC Penney Outlet center, is closed.

I had a good meal there a few years back and that’s all I know. Anyone eat there or know anything about the place?

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  • Shaniece Edwards

    Seems that all the businesses there have had issues with the landlord, who is trying to raise their monthly rent by so much $$$ three other businesses have moved out.

    So Mama promised that when they find a new location, she will post a sign on the front door to let all their fans know. When they have a new business I will let you know about it!

    [That’s a fast response to a blog post less than an hour old. Thanks, Shaniece. — DA]

  • John

    Wow I didn’t think it was going to close. It was a small great place. I’ve also noticed that Senor Agave (on Foothill in between Archibald & Hermosa) suddenly closed.

  • Denise

    Do you know what happened to the Baja Fresh on Foothill and Haven?

    I drove by last week and the place was completely emptied out. There was a fire/flood recovery vehicle outside but I couldn’t see any visible damage. Yesterday, I drove by and it was still empty. No sign on the door to tell of what may have happened.

    [News to me. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    The Baja Fresh in Upland by Vons is also closed up. I have some secret agent connections…I’ll try to find out why. In the meantime, try Chile Red on the corner of Baseline & Archibald.

    [Listen to Bob. — DA]

  • Denise

    Really Chile Red is decent now? The last time I saw their less than desirable health department rating, I decided to steer clear.

    While Chile Red is convenient to my home, Baja was a hop, skip and literally a jump away from my work. It always seemed busy at lunch with courthouse/city employees but maybe they weren’t able to pay the bills with that alone.

    I checked the corporate website, and all evidence of Rancho location is gone. I guess it will be Chipotle from now on.

    [Pei Wei, in the same center as Baja Fresh, closed last year and it always seemed busy to me too. Apparently not busy enough. — DA]

  • Antoinette

    Hello fans. This is Mama from Mamas Grill, thank you all for your support. We just opened up another location in Claremont in The Village. It’s called King Wrap. It’s on the corner of Indian Hill and Bonita. 373 Bonita Ave in Claremont. Come visit us there. We would love to see you.

    [Funny, I’ve been eating at King Wrap and didn’t know it was Mama’s Grill! Welcome back, Mama. — DA]

  • PS

    I have never been so happy to hear that a restaurant had a new location!!

  • Joanne Dallas

    We were looking for the latest transmogrification of Mama’s Grill and found King Wrap on your blog. Thank you for eating out and leaving a record. We miss Mama’s. Why do mall owners raise rents and end up with empty stores and disappointed patrons?

    Joanne Dallas
    Faithful Reader in Montclair

    [Landlords work in mysterious ways! — DA]