Hops for hope?

There’s kind of an unusual community fundraiser in Pomona on Wednesday for the two families displaced by the July 11 fire: a beer bash at a downtown bar.

Event name: “Brewing Hope.” Har! Sounds like fun: Dale Brothers beer, snacks, baked goods, donated prizes, etc., with proceeds going to the Van Allen and Hardy Henry families. Donations of toiletries and other goods are welcome. The whole shebang is the brainchild of a dba bartender named Tibbi Perez who happens to be an eighth (!) generation Pomonan, a great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Don Ricardo Vejar.

You can read more about it here on Tibbi’s blog — in Pomona, from what I can tell, every citizen has a blog — but the basics are: 6 p.m. until midnight, dba 256, 256 S. Main (at Third).

Great bar, too, even though all I ever have there is bottled water, or maybe, if I’m feeling wild, a Coke.

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  • http://diversitown.blogspot.com meg

    Actually, D-Bomb, they’re the Henrys, not the Hardys! See you there?

    [I’ll fix it. Shoot. I already have something on my social calendar for tonight (Taiko drumming and dinner at the VG) and probably won’t make it to dba. Oh, to be Superboy and have robot duplicates of myself to send everywhere… DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Darn, I can’t make it either but I left a comment on Tibbi’s blog. I am 7th generation Pomona from the Don Ygnacio Palomares lineage. I told Tibbi that we will meet soon and talk about “the old days.”

  • judi

    I utilize the library at VG while my kids take a theater class on Wednesday afternoons. Yesterday, around 6-ish, the building started reverberating rhythmically. At first I thought we were under some kind of percussive attack, but then I remembered you and Wendy mentioning the Taiko drummers.

    Once the kids were done with class, we stepped out into the courtyard to enjoy a few moments of the program. I think I saw you across the way. (Would have shouted hello, but it would have been a futile effort.) Wow, wasn’t that something?! The heck with Tai Bo — I think the new national fitness craze should be Taiko. Their stamina was impressive!

    [It was! I was thinking, “That’s a heck of an upper-body workout.” I write a little about it in Friday’s column. — DA]