Does Thomas Pynchon’s L.A. include Claremont?

Via LA Observed, I see that Wired magazine’s “Unofficial Thomas Pynchon Guide to Los Angeles” maps out real-life places connected to the famously private novelist’s life and work. I was pleased to see that “The Crying of Lot 49’s” fictional city of San Narciso, home to a college and an aerospace plant with the sublime name Yoyodyne, is identified as (possibly) Claremont.

Click on the bubble near Upland in the top map.

The Wired mapmaker is skeptical, but there’s a San Narciso College website hosted by Pomona College ( in which the Pynchon-obsessed lay out an argument for why the college and town must be based on Claremont. The website hasn’t been updated in years but there’s still useful information there for fans.

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