Claremont’s new official flower


It’s the Mimulus aurantiacus, or Sticky Monkey Flower, “easily found in our local foothills in abundance and in a variety of colors, yellow to orange to red,” according to the report to the City Council.

The idea of a city flower came from the Claremont Community Foundation as a way to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The foundation plans to distribute Monkey Flower seed packets. Six possible city flowers were identified by Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, all California natives, and the Monkey Flower was its top choice.

Unafraid to make the tough decisions, the City Council named it Claremont’s official flower at Tuesday’s meeting.

The only other Inland Valley city flower I’m aware of is Ontario’s Charlotte Armstrong Rose. The rose was named for the wife of the founder of Armstrong Nursery, which began in Ontario circa 1889.

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  • Gavin

    David, if you are to invoke the flowers scientific name, then it shows a mark of precision to type it correctly. The first part of the name is the genus and is capitalized, followed by the species in lowercase, and the whole name is typeset in italics: Mimulus aurantiacus.

    (To use italic style in HTML, <i>italics</i>.)

    [In a mark of precision, I’ve changed it. — DA]

  • meg

    Every time I see the name of that flower, I think it reads “Cheeky Monkey Flower.”

    [Har! — DA]

  • Deb

    I always think it reads stinky monkey flower. Or, more precisely, Stinkilicus monkeyus (I failed at the italics-making).

  • hugh c. mcbride

    Every time I see the name of that flower, I think it reads “Cheeky Monkey Flower.”

    I keep reading it as “Stinky Monkey Flower,” which of course summons memories of the great Cosmo Kramer telling Jerry that he’s on it “like stink on a monkey!”

    Haven’t come up with a wacky misreading of “Mimulus aurantiacus” yet …

    [Keep trying, you’ll get there (maybe). — DA]

  • Bob T

    Meg, are you looking at me bum?

  • Ronald Scott

    Isn’t it great that our wonderful city council tackles all the important issues? Maybe they needed something that smelled better than that stinker of a trolley they had.