‘Jaws’ glides into Pomona on Friday

Bom bom.


Bom bom bom.

Bom bom.

Bom bom bom bom bom BOM BOM BOM BOM (chomp).

Just when you thought it was safe to visit downtown Pomona, this Friday’s free movie is “Jaws” — woo-hoo! — and starts at dusk, around 8:45. The movie is in the Thomas Street Plaza on West Second and Thomas streets. Bring a lawn chair or a beach chair. And it really is safe in downtown Pomona, btw, if not in the waters off Amityville where a great white shark…well, you know the plot. Don’t you?

You can see the complete schedule of downtown movies here.

If there’s a big crowd, be prepared to say somberly: “We’re going to need a bigger plaza.”

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  • Bob House

    “We’re going to need a bigger plaza.”

    This was no quoting accident!

    [Bob, we’re going to need a bigger quote. — DA]

  • Dwain Kaiser

    I was looking forward to seeing JAWS. I’ve seen bits and pieces but not the entire film. At least Kaiser Fontana has has a couple of movie channels in their hosp rooms. Then one of the channels is (or seems to be) THE LAST STARFIGHTER 24/7.

    Dwain Kaiser –
    The Magic Door IV –
    Quality Used Books
    In the Heart of the Arts Colony

    [Is my favorite bookseller in the hospital?! Get well soon! Then I’ll loan you my DVD of “Jaws.” — DA]

  • Todd Dice

    For fun, listen to Dvorak’s New World Symphony movement #4; you’ll hear where John Williams got his idea for the Jaws theme.