To park or not to park


…that is the question. Says reader Dennis Sampson of Ontario, who lives in one of the lofts downtown southwest of Holt and Euclid: “I had often wondered why this parking lot on Emporia was always so empty. Then, I took a close look at the sign and it all made sense. Or did it?”

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  • Kristin McConnell

    It makes perfect sense for Ontario, which translates into little sense for the rest of us. 🙂 And, I can say that because I live in Ontario. LOL

  • Ramona

    Let’s get that blank “stop” sign from the earlier blog entry and attach it to that pole to make the confusion complete.

    [Btw, that Upland all-red stop sign has been replaced! — DA]

  • Bob House

    Perfect opportunity to go a little “gonzo” with your journalism. Enlarge the photo, prepare a 5-6 minute rambling, nearly (or fully) incoherent, anger-fueled “presentation” and then get on the agenda for the next Ontario council meeting.

    [Har! — DA]

  • Linda Frost

    Having spent 33 years teaching English, nothing surprises me. Perhaps some of the city people need remedial assistance.

    There used to be someone in Rancho Cucamonga city government who routinely misspelled street names on the signs. When I moved to Mahogany Court, a new neighborhood, the first street sign spelled it Mahogony. Banyan was also spelled Banyon. Yes, my spell check rejected both.

    The strangest sign combination was one I found in the tiny Montana town where several generations of my mothers family lived, died, and are buried. We always called the hill where the town cemetery is Cemetery Hill. No, it was never referred to as Boot Hill.

    There was no grass or landscaping, and we would clear weeds from family graves when we visited in the summer. When I went back for my grandmothers funeral, (she did in 1992 at the age of 101), the city had landscaped it with grass and trees, making it beautiful place. It also had a sign and an official name, Little Cemetery on the Hill. Next to this lovely sign was another new city sign. It said Dead End Road.

    They were still there for my mother’s funeral in 1995. I guess someone set the city fathers (or maybe mothers) straight, because when I visited two years ago, someone had removed the Dead End Road sign. If I ever find the picture, Ill send it in.

    [I wonder if the same Rancho Cucamonga street-namer was responsible for “Millenium” Court. It’s recently been fixed to “Millennium.” — DA]

  • Desdave

    I work across the street from this sign, and the picture makes it more confusing than it really is: The top sign denotes a Downtown Ontario parking area while the lower sign advises that parking on Emporia Street (which is mighty narrow at this particular point) is illegal.

    [I suspected as much, but that doesn’t mean the photo isn’t kind of funny anyway. — DA]