ABC-7 covers library liquor license

They work fast at Channel 7: Hours after my Friday column on the liquor license application at the Ontario City Library’s Page One Cafe, a report aired at 4 p.m. You can watch it here. As reporter Rob McMillan puts it, if the license is approved, “after you’re done reading Shakespeare, you’ll be able to have a cold beer.”

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  • hugh.c.mcbride

    As reporter Rob McMillan puts it, if the license is approved, “after you’re done reading Shakespeare, you’ll be able to have a cold beer.”

    The reporter’s choice to include this oh-so-pithy observation (read something intelligent then have a sip of alcohol? who’d’ve ever thunk of *that* before!?) is perhaps a minor offense — but the fact that he actually tried to make the two parts of this sentence *rhyme* (really!) should surely result in his permanent banishment from anywhere poetry is present.

    And yes, I just called him “Shirley.”

    [Ba-dum-pum! I’ll be here all week, folks. Please be sure to tip Mr. Allen, as well as your bartenders & waitresses.]

  • RK

    Mr. McBride,

    You surely give Shirley more credit than he deserves. Intentionally rhyming the two fragments? (I think not, you are too kind.)

    Now if Shirley busted out a haiku or some iambic pentameter, I would hold his segment in higher esteem.

    But since I am not exactly sure what haiku or iambic pentameter are, I will quit while I am ahead. And if you ask me (strictly *one* person’s opinion!), as opposed to what the Ontario Library sign says about no food or drink, I have no strong opinions about people bringing in their food or drink since goodness only knows what people do when they take library books home. However, I might need to think more about people (and their ensuing behaviors) bringing in their digested drinks.

    My bottom line is if this kind of thing has people talking about libraries, who am I to argue? And if the Ontario Library gets their liquor license, get back to me and on opening day, I will buy both you and David your beverage of choice!

    [RK doesn’t come right out and say it, but he’s one of our local librarians. — DA]

  • hugh.c.mcbride

    A free beverage? In (OK, near) a library? In the company of a real live librarian & the great David Allen?

    Now *that*, my friends, is change I can believe in!

    In honor of this potential get-together, I humbly submit an Ontario Library liquor license haiku:

    Cold beers and Shakespeares
    Wine-fueled iambic debates
    Page One Cafe rocks!

  • Terri Schloepp

    I am a concerned parent and City of Ontario resident. I have lived here all my life and my children now attend the elementary school that I went to as a kid and use the Ontario Library which I also used as a kid. I remember being there after school for hours by myself researching & studying for school assignments.

    I was also a bartender in many different establishments in this local area before I had my kids for over 5 years so I am familiar with the restaurant & bar business.

    I feel this is not the right location for such an establishment and that is is not appropriate, especially when I read that the Page One Cafe is a “City Hall – owned” establishment. To me, there is a major conflict of interest in being allowed to consume alcohol in the Cafe attatched to the library or even outside on the grounds of the property.

    I read the article on Aug 6th, got angry, was in shock, complained about it and spoke with other residents, parents & friends in the city and even made some jokes of my own on the issue because I just couldn’t believe it. I am also curious as to where these funds and profits are actually going.

    Then, after days of thinking it over, I decided maybe I could do something about it. I found out that I could submit a petition to ABC (Alcohol & Beverage Control) within 30 days of the filing date of the application. On Thurs Aug 13 I went to the Cafe to check the date and hoped I was in time to then go home and file the written petition in the alloted time frame. It had been taken down and I was told the 30 days from filing date had been on Sat Aug 8th, only 1 day after the article by David Allen was printed in the newspaper. This would make the filing date on the notice on or around July 13th.

    The school year ended in June (for our school the 26th) and then my child’s summer session (one of the longest in the district) ended on July 10th. Most of us returned to school on Monday August 10th. So, basically this notice was up while most Ontario Schools, personnel and parents were on summer break.

    I wonder how many concerned citizens and parents actually knew about this.

    I feel this issue should be discussed and looked at further. There may be a more conducive alternative location than the current one. While I was at the library I was asked to lower my voice to a quieter tone while using the phone. If a person is allowed to read and then consume alcohol….how will the environment stay quiet?

    Although it was mentioned as an upscale “Cheers” type environment and wine bar…there is still a big issue to me; drunk driving. As kids and adults drive out of the parking lots from the library, City of Ontario building, Senior Center, College etc.. there will unfortunately be some people who do consume alcohol (whether they are under or over the blood alcholol level by law); and then instead of having a designated driver or calling a cab will drive themselves out of those same parking lots. To me, this is a very dangerous cocktail. The hours of opperation do not matter when discussing the consumption of alcohol before driving behind the wheel.

    Before the Police Department was moved to its current location (in the center of the city at Archibald below the 60 fwy), it used to reside in that same area right around the corner as the Fire Department still does. It is too bad it is not still there.

    It was stated in the article that “Al Boling, the assistant city manager, said the Police Department is in support of the application, as is the library.” For me, this is very hard to understand and believe.

    I read in the newspaper each day about local budget cuts for police & fire and other emergency services. Even today, another article regarding the impact of the Pomona Parole building on the City of Ontario. It seemed by the way I read and interpreted that article, that City of Ontario was not informed about that issue; just as I feel the residents of Ontario were not informed about City Hall opening up a bar in the library.

    Cities and areas (for example, San Francisco or NY City, etc.) with public transprtation like trolleys, shuttles, subways, more constant taxi cab services available, not seem to have as many issues with drunk driving as those that are spread out more in area without those extra services as we are in this area of the inland Empire. It would be nice to have a less expensive alternative in this area for those citizens who may not have a designated driver or funds and time to wait for a cab. If we could come up with a solution for this I believe the safety concerns would be lessened. The ecomomy of our area would be greatly helped by tax revenues and jobs created by the restaurant & bar Industry.

    An upscale establishment, wine bar and outdoor plaza in our city would be a great thing to have here in Ontario. Local residents would not have to travel as far as they do now. With the current economy, I believe more people do stay closer to home than in years past. In fact, I would be interested in employment locally in such an establishment… but…I feel Ontario City Library may not be the best suited location for this type of venue.

  • Ronda

    Well, I only have one thing to say, If you want to sip on your wine and read Shakespeare, check out the book, take it home and open up your bottle of Zinfandel and sip it in the safety of your own home. I am not in support of the City of Ontario’s library having a liquor license. The Cafe should only be serving Shirley Temples.

  • Jo Snelling

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