U is for Upland and many ‘uther’ things


Reader Bob Terry writes: “Have you noticed the similarity in Union Bank’s new ‘U’ logo and the one for Upland? Very similar and quite annoying. Didn’t you originally state that Upland’s ‘U’ looked a lot like United Airlines’ logo?”

I did indeed, something like six years ago. Gad, what a memory some of you have.


Terry concludes philosophically: “I guess the poor letter ‘U’ can be ‘U’sed only so many ways.”

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  • Gavin

    Although the new logo of Union Bank may at first look like the U in Uplands street signs, the two are remarkably different from the standpoint of graphic design. Pay attention to the negative space inside the U. There’s a hint of a flower that is supported by the rounded corners.

    Also, the chosen typeface is Gotham (look at a and k), which is the same type that has gotten even more visible since its use in Obamas presidential campaign.

    [Actually, I didn’t think the logos looked that similar either, but it’s amusing that all three employ variants on the same lone letter. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    I missed class that day.

  • Dave

    Does this really matter? isn’t a U just a U?

    [As Sigmund Freud might say, sometimes a U is just a U. — DA]

  • Charles Bentley

    Utes? Did you say utes?

  • Hey David,
    Upland changed their logo/brand three years ago during the Centennial Celebration of the town that I founded long ago. The old U still is seen on some street corners but the new logo has been in use for quite some time. We have been joking about the flying “U” and United Airlines since the day that logo missed ONT and landed in Upland.

    Come on David, it’s time to blog something timely.

    With Love, George (you can call me Georgie) Chaffey.

    [Always a treat to hear from George Chaffey (1848-1932)! I suspected the U logo was being phased out but managed to find one on the Memorial Park sign. — DA]