Early reviews aren’t promising

Wednesday’s column was a change of pace, a whimsical essay about the invasion of my home by fleas. It was posted Tuesday afternoon on our website and very quickly garnered one online comment, to wit:

“usually i look forward to reading david allen’s columsn (evidenced by the fact i’m reading the wednesday column on tuesday!) but this one is just a waste of time. it’s on par with ‘got up this morning and took a shower’. not even slightly entertaining.”

Ouch. Was it really that bad?

Oh well. So much for Friday’s planned column on how I got up and took a shower.

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  • Krisitin McConnell

    Nah, it wasn’t a bad column to me.

    I do have pets, so I can relate. For your calves, may I suggest Chap Stik, either cherry or strawberry. The original flavor is ghastly. The flavor doesn’t matter, but the vaseline is great on the sores. I discovered that by accident years ago after I was made a meal out of. I had no hand cream nearby, so i used what I had, and it worked. 🙂 Raid Flea Killer is a great spray — almost no odor and easy to handle.

    Fleas are nasty little buggers. LOL Hope you’re sleeping well! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Personally I’m very, very offended that omg doesn’t know how to capitalize, spell or punctuate.

  • John Clifford

    Gee, and I kind of enjoyed today’s column (which I read in the old fashioned hard-copy version). I think most of us have been there at one time or another so it resonated.

    But I guess the critic was looking for some of that harder-biting (pun intended) commentary on libraries and city council meetings. Doesn’t he know that man does not live by bread alone? Once in a while we need to be bitten by some fleas.

    [We do indeed. — DA]

  • Charles Bentley

    My guess is the reader in question looks to your column for an escape from the day-to-day — A little humor (sometimes very little), a little whimsy and always a good read. It’s possible this time your topic hit a little too close to home, or possibly the very idea of fleas causes him/her to flee.

    My recommendation is to just keep on keeping on. Your column is wildly popular, squire. No reason to restart from scratch.

    (Sorry, that was the obligatory flea humor. Had to be said.)

    [All I can hope is that overall, my topics scratch readers’ itch. — DA]

  • Jean Christy

    David, as a long-time pet owner and financial contributor to the wealth of my veterinarian, I can offer you a few suggestions:

    1) Fleas DO jump off animals (and back on again). Fleas do not permanently reside on animals, they ride around on them to seek food. They really prefer to live in your carpet, where they can lay eggs that hatch out thousands of the little critters.

    2) The ones you have seen and killed are just the advance guard. If you don’t take steps to get rid of the eggs, larvae, etc. in your carpet, they will multiply until your place is unlivable.

    3) While another commenter recommended Raid, I have allergies and don’t like the smell. I always used an environmental flea spray called “Siphotrol” which you can buy from any small animal veterinarian. Siphotrol should be used about every six weeks to catch the newly hatched fleas. It’s not inexpensive, but it works great and its scent is not so obnoxious that it will drive you out of the house.

    Good luck!

    [Thank you, Jean. Perhaps I’m safer because I don’t have carpet? — DA]

  • http://www.hughcmcbride.com hugh.c.mcbride

    Just finished reading the article in question. Didn’t think it was offensive or wasteful at all, though I find that I’m much itchier than I was before reading it (as if we needed more evidence of the power of DA’s pen).

    Given your apparent ability to transmit physical sensations via text, & considering the relative hot spell we’re currently experiencing, any chance we can convince you to make your next column about eating a hot fudge sundae & drinking a cold beer?

    [I would, but when it comes to my magical ability to transmit physical sensations via text, I don’t want to wear it out. — DA]

  • Kathy

    I think it must be noted that any reader who can’t appreciate the line “David Allen writes Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, causing readers to flee” is not a proper judge of whether one of your “columsn” is a waste of time.

    Loved it as usual, David!

    [Aw, that’s sweet. — DA]