A flea-free Pomona


Allan Lagumbay of the Pomona Public Library’s Special Collections department found the above image of East Second Street, undated but from the turn of the century, depicting what seems to be a parade. Check the closeup version at left for a particularly relevant piece of boosterism.

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  • John Clifford

    While we may now have fleas, at least they’re the highly skilled fleas of Professor Gallivan’s Flea Circus.

  • Ramona

    One wonders why “no fleas” was worthy of a boast.

    I see the sign proclaiming “10,000 in 1910 – 25,000 in 1920.” Fact or wishful thinking? At least it helps to date the photo.

    “Good Electric” is the clincher. I’m ready to start packing. How about you? Just be sure your boxes are flea-free. Wouldn’t want to contaminate their flealessness.

  • http://www.hughcmcbride.com hugh.c.mcbride

    I heard a rumor that Claremont was planning to adopt a similar flea-free slogan, but then some blogger made a big deal about getting snacked on in his house, & they had to scrap the whole campaign …

    You hear anything about that?

    [*scratch scratch scratch* What was that, Hugh? — DA]

  • http://idrinklocalyoucantoo.blogspot.com tibbi

    Worrying about fleas in Pomona is a thing of the past — but now we have to worry about the biggest louse in town!