In Claremont, the mystery breakfast of champions

Some Crust Bakery in the Claremont Village has its own style, not only with the muffins and coffee but with the counter help and the customers.

I was there Tuesday morning and asked what muffins they had.

The matter-of-fact reply: “We have cranberry harvest, a mystery muffin no one can identify, and pumpkin.”

I went with cranberry harvest.

Seated at the counter, with a view onto Yale Avenue, I overheard a conversation a couple of stools away between two strangers. A man with a pile of paperwork in front of him asked the man next to him with the laptop what he does.

The laptop man, wearing a friendly expression and a broad-brimmed hat, explained that he’s a retired English professor who writes short stories.

“What are you in?” the writer asked.

“I’m in plastics,” the man said.

“Plastics?” the writer said, smiling. “That was the big joke in the ’60s after ‘The Graduate.'”

Nodding, the plastics man said sagely: “I know a lot of people who got into plastics because of it.”

At Some Crust, it’s always one only-in-Claremont moment after another.

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