Off this week

It’s a furlough this week for yours truly, but, making lemonade from lemons, it’s also a vacation. If “furloughcation” isn’t a word, it ought to be.

The usual vacation rules apply: Continue to leave comments, but recognize that since I’m the moderator, and I’ll be out of town, I’ll approve your comments when I can find a computer.

No posts are planned here until my return to duty Sept. 9. Hey, that’s still better than the Goddess of Pomona blog and the Foothill Cities Blog, which as of Thursday hadn’t had new posts since July 29 and July 30, respectively. Even the usually reliable Claremont Insider seems to be on an August hiatus, without a new post since Aug. 6.

Blog readers, use your free moments each morning wisely.

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  • Ramona

    Have a great time, D-Bomb. I hope you’re going somewhere away from the smoke that’s been settling in the IE.

    I’ll probably use the extra time in the morning to try another online crossword puzzle. Got to do something to keep the brain cells clicking away in your absence.

  • Gavin

    Wherever you are, David, have a stimulating sabbatical that will fuel you with new ideas.

  • DebB

    Every morning when I first sit down at my computer, before I get to work, I check my email, then a friend’s blog (sometimes kinda preachy), then yours. I always enjoy your light-hearted tone, and info-bits about the inland valley. Now how do I go a whole week without that? And how will I know what restaurant to try this week?

    A bonus for you, if you’re still in town: Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant is celebrating their anniversary today (Monday) and everyone named Dave gets free food!!!

  • DebB

    OOOPS — sorry! The Dave’s Day at Famous Dave’s was Sunday — I hope you made it! Sorry if I got your hopes up!

  • P.I. Becky

    Thanks again David for the great article you ran on me. I hope you are having a nice time off.

    P.I. Becky

  • Skrip

    Hey David, it was a pleasure meeting you last week at the DBA256 for Larry’s little get together. Enjoy your time off, like you said, ‘furloughcation’. Nice word… I prefer it over mine, ‘layoffcation’. It’s similar to your word, except it lasts longer and doesn’t pay.

    [Mine doesn’t pay either, but at least it’s short and pay will resume. Nice meeting you as well, and your lovely wife, Mrs. Skrip. — DA]

  • Warren

    I went to your column and then realized that you were gone this week. I will just have to suffer through the week, I really enjoy the blog and column. By the way, Ellen (my wife) and I really got a kick seeing my name in print a few weeks ago. It came as quite a surprise — thanks. Enjoy yourself and get recharged. You have quite a bit to do.


    [Very kind of you, Warren. But why suffer? Readers may enjoy recharging themselves in my absence as well. We’ll all return refreshed next week. — DA]

  • Mary Pineda

    I know that I am a little late to the party but I liked the column about different shows at the Fox (that rhyme with the name). Here are my suggestions: Burlington footwear for “Socks at the Fox.” (They should be wrapped in plastic so we could practice safe socks.) Timex products for “Clocks at the Fox.” And last but not least — Chinese cookware — “Woks at the Fox.”

    [You have a lot of moxie, kid. — DA]

  • Linda Frost

    Hey, Dave, I can picture you soaking up rays, listening to your tunes, and sipping on something with an umbrella on it. I hope its in somewhere worthy of your presence. Im not doing anything like that, but I can live vicariously. Cant wait until you get back to your column. The paper needs you, and so do your readers.

    [Awww. — DA]

  • judi

    Hmmm, my copy of the IVDB showed a picture of you with a caption that said you were on vacation. Are you playing on our sympathies, Mr. Allen? If we find out that you’ve been sitting on a tropical beach holding a drink with a little paper umbrella while your massive paycheck was being automatically deposited…

    [“On vacation” must have sounded better to Those Who Decide Such Things than “on furlough.” I did leave town, but no tropical beaches or umbrella drinks (or paychecks, massive or otherwise) were involved. — DA]

  • Goddess of Pomona

    Hey, can I help it if you jinxed me by heralding my “return.”

    Enjoy your time off, however you got it.