Vacation dining

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San Francisco’s Ferry Building was rehabbed a few years ago and converted into a foodie paradise with restaurants and food-related shops. I spent several enjoyable meals there on my trip. Seen below is a cream scone with apricot conserve from Frog Hollow, a bowl of granola and fruit from the Market Bar, a fish taco from Mijita and an ahi tuna burger, pesto fries and blueberry shake from Taylor’s Refresher, whose busy dining room is seen in a second photo. Like the sign says, “Eat.” All items mentioned above were exemplars of the form.

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Meanwhile, on the way back I had a pastor torta at Burrito King No. 8 in Salinas and a slice of apple pie (and a bowl of cream of asparagus soup) at Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero, both pictured below.

As a side note, ever order a side of fruit with a breakfast or lunch? It’s almost always disappointing: cantaloupe, melon, maybe a couple of grapes or chunks of watermelon. At Zachary’s in Santa Cruz, my side (to my pesto scrambled eggs) had strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, blueberries, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe and banana — and as a garnish, the plate had an orange slice. Now that’s how you do a side of fruit.

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  • meg

    What, you didn’t try the ollalieberry pie at Duarte’s? You gotta go back, D-Bomb.

    I’m glad you got to the Frog Hollow Farm cafe in the Ferry Building — most people miss it, and while it’s spendy, FHF rocks.

    [Go back to Duarte’s? I don’t need much encouragement for that! — DA]

  • Bob House

    Great photo of the trolley and Ferry Building, but it can’t really stand up to the food porn. Everything looks great, but I really want the scone and conserve . . . and the pesto fries . . . and the torta . . .

    [Stop, you’re makin’ me hungry all over again. — DA]

  • WendyE.

    If I’d known you were going to Taylor’s Automatic Refresher, I would have asked you to bring me back a bleu cheese burger and sweet potato fries!

    After driving by the original (I believe) Taylor’s in St. Helena and the masses of people happily waiting in line at all times of the day, my husband and I decided to try it for ourselves. We were staying in Napa and noticed a much less crowded Taylor’s in town — it was their opening day! Super burgers, sides, and shakes, and very friendly staff. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Note to self: Do NOT read David Allen Blog on an empty stomach.

    [That’ll teach you. My tuna sandwich, like all their sandwiches served on egg bread, was delightful. Ditto with the fries and shake. I’d have gone back for a second meal there to try a burger but there was so much else to explore. I’d love to return. My friend in Petaluma says the St. Helena location, the original, is the best. — DA]

  • Santa Cruz’s Zachary’s is the best breakfast spot in the entire universe. The home fries, which are spiked with curry, are even better than the occasional Quentin Tarantino sightings.

    [I’ll have to get the home fries next time … even if it means passing up the side of fruit. — DA]

  • Ted

    Those are some good photos, maybe I’m looking at it too closely but that stale blue reflection on the fruit bowl is something else!

  • SAW

    You might have a second career in the wings here David. Your food photography looks very delicious. I do wish that you had tried the french fried artichokes in Castroville. Put it on the list for your next trip north. The french fried artichoke hearts might need some special arranging for a picture — but, they are soooo good. (Now, that I recall, the restaurant is called “The Giant Artichoke,” and it has a giant artichoke sign at the approach. That could be the picture.)

    [You’ve done half the work for me! Oh, and the way the newspaper biz is cratering, a second career may be a necessity one day. — DA]