P-town East


My colleague Wendy Leung returned recently from a trip to Boston and supplies this photo of a gift shop window in Provincetown, Mass. Pomona, as you probably know, also lives with the P-town nickname, although here there usually aren’t cutesy hearts involved.

“Provincetown is the tip of Cape Cod, a colorful, gay-friendly spot where natural beauty and kitsch collide,” she reports. “They call it P-town, the fist at the end of the flexed arm” — referring to the shape of Massachusetts’ border.

“It’s very different from Pomona. I couldn’t find menudo or carne asada here; instead, I had fried clams and a cup of chowdah.”

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  • Ren

    Bummer. No Taco Lita?

  • Ren

    Bummer. No Taco Lita?

  • Bob Terry

    You mean, no pho for you?

  • Stupid Happy Idiot

    Yo Provincetown, I’m really happy for you and I’ma let you finish but Pomona is one of the greatest P-Towns of ALL TIME!

    To make the comment relevant, any recommendation for good clam chowder in Pomona?