Restaurant of the Week: Three Anas

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Three Anas, 8980 Benson Ave. (at Arrow Highway), Montclair

Located in a small, nondescript industrial park, Three Anas doesn’t promise much. But then you step inside, notice the two colorful murals and learn you order at your table, not the counter. There are other homey touches: a Wall of Fame by the door in which regular customers’ photos are posted and a stack of magazines for solo customers’ reading pleasure.

Our server cheerfully explained the origin of the Three Anas name: That’s what their father called Ana, Julianna and Joanna, the three sisters who own the restaurant. It will mark five years in business on Oct. 1.

Our table ordered steak picado ($7.50), which was pleasingly dry, not soupy; the special burrito ($4.50) with potatoes, carne asada, onions and peppers; and the chile relleno and chicken enchilada plate ($7), served wet with green sauce, plus rice and beans. They were all solid, satisfying versions. Three Anas “rivals Mi Pueblita,” one of our group said admiringly, referring to the popular Upland restaurant.

You have to like a restaurant run by three sisters, especially when the experience delivers so much more than the location promised. A hidden gem.

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  • Bob House

    Nice review of a nice place! I made a copy so I remember to try it on my next sojourn to the homeland.

    (Off topic: did you see this in the Times?,0,401409.story

    What sounds like a great show at a legendary So Cal venue, including at least one Claremonter (David Lindley; perhaps Chris Darrow will show up). Unfortunately, only aging music stars could afford the tickets.)

    [I did see the story, but yeah, I won’t be going. — DA]

  • Tom Lamb

    Being the great investigative reporter that you are, I am turning to you for information as to what has happened to the Claremont Insider. As you probably know, the last posted blog was dated August 6th.

    It would certainly diminish the fun if it has gone away.

    [Look for a separate post about this on Monday. — DA]

  • Julia Manzo

    This restaurant is truly the BEST mexican food place. They make the best homemade food. Served by the sexiest ladies on earth.=) So great you will come back for more and more and dream about it and crave it when your intestines require food hahah but truly it’s the place to be.

  • Kety Lopez

    My husband and I have been loyal customers of the Tres Anas for two years now. We eat there at least twice a week. We are both hispanic and know that the quality, taste and freshness are genuine and simply good. We were very happy to see this article.

    [And I was very happy to see your comment! — DA]

  • Evelyn

    If you are looking for the feel of eating at home you will certainly find that here. The staff at Three Anas works great at making you feel right at home. I love the staff and the food. Make sure the next time you are looking to eat Mexican food you stop here. You will find yourself indulging in traditional Mexican food. Keep up the great work Three Anas and Good Luck!

  • Poncho Walker

    I have just two words for everyone that can really make or break a good or great Mexican restaurant…Lard or Oil?

  • Abby L

    This place is really a great place to eat. I am a regular there for almost 3 years, I eat there at least twice a week. It really is authentic Mexican food and has lots of variety. The food is fresh and the service is good. As to what Poncho asked, I myself asked them that same question. From what they told me they use lard on some of their stuff, vegetable oil on others or they don’t use any at all. They like to be healthy and accommodate everyone’s needs.