Whither the Insider?

The Claremont Insider, a city-centric blog that debuted way back in 2005, featured almost-daily posts, some of great length, making it perhaps the most active Inland Valley blog.

Thus, the span of time since its most recent post, Aug. 6, is raising eyebrows.

Reader Tom Lamb says:

“Being the great investigative reporter that you are, I am turning to you for information as to what has happened to the Claremont Insider. As you probably know, the last posted blog was dated August 6th. It would certainly diminish the fun if it has gone away.”

And reader Tom Meader asks simply:

“Any ideas as to what is, or, is not, happening?”

Afraid not. I e-mailed Claremont Buzz, the blog’s contact, a couple of weeks back and got no response, which also doesn’t bode well for the blog’s status.

Perhaps ironically, the Aug. 6 post, about the defunct Claremont trolley, is headlined “Out of Sight but not Out of Mind.”

From the Insider’s inaugural post of May 8, 2005:

“We’ll report on the stories behind the stories. We’ll take you behind the scenes and show you the side of Claremont that doesn’t seem to make it into the papers. We’ll bring you the REAL Claremont, warts and all, rather than the sanitized, air-brushed official version.”

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  • Always a skeptic

    I’ve missed updates to The Claremont Insider as well. At first I thought it might be related to a vacation or illness but lately I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps the blogger has gone over to the dark side and become a Claremonster.

    In an idyllilc environment like Claremont the blogger may have been been sitting quietly staring at a serene view when her spirit was overcome like one of the pod people in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Perhaps while exploring the Claremont hillsides she fell into a demonic sandpit inhabited by creatures like those in “Invaders from Mars” and had her mind taken over. I’m sure the Claremonsters have their ways…

    Dave Allen has given us the clue and all we need to realize is that likely the Claremont Trolley has gotten its revenge…

    [Not to mention Ellen Taylor, Diann Ring, Sam Pedroza and the Padua Hills Sports Park, among countless others. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Maybe the problem is a shortage of warts. It’s Claremont, so when you scrape away the sanitized, air-brushed official version, what you have left is the sanitized, air-brushed reality.

  • shirley wofford

    Does the “Insider” pay the DB and other news sites when they reprint the blogs that originated on those respective sites? Could we have a little copyright infringement dispute here?

    [I’d say no to both questions; the Insider didn’t pay, no, but it quoted only snippets of articles, which is allowed, and linked to the original article. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Well, there goes any idea I might have had about becoming a novice PI.

  • chandler hill

    Good riddance. That blog had its moments but the bottom line was it was nothing but snarky, the bloggers hid like cowards behind anonymity, and were afraid to allow responses.

  • Concerned from Claremont

    Glad to see the trash stop for a while. Out of the 5 accounts posted on that I site of which I had personal, direct knowledge, none were represented accurately. All were greatly twisted to provide a slant against the folks the coward hated.

    Hope the cowards stay away from our town.

    They were most likely some out of town student(s) living on Daddy’s money while going to school. They either graduated (not likely) or were finally cut off from Daddy’s money.