Blog upgrades now in effect

In some long-needed tweaks to this blog, we now have 1) an explanation of this blog, 2) a few lines about and a photo of the blogger, i.e., me, 3) my e-mail address, 4) a link to my Facebook page, 5) a shorter, more useful list of relevant Daily Bulletin blogs, 6) a blogroll with selected outside blogs, 7) removal of various non-working or non-useful features along the left and right, and 8) change of colors for links from gray to blue (on most browsers), making them more visible.

All in all, the blog looks better to me. I’m especially pleased to link to a few of the better, and active, blogs out there, some of which have kindly linked here for a couple of years. I can’t link to every local blog — Pomona alone has a dozen — but you can find links to most of the rest on the blogs to which I do link.

LA Observed is the premier LA blog, linking to many other LA blogs and to the day’s news. Only in L.A. is former Timesman Steve Harvey’s blog. And the dining sites are fun, with the New Diner and Dinerwood getting props for including the Inland Valley as they range over the L.A. basin rather than dismissing us as the boonies.

One element you may never have noticed is that you can click on my name, as the author of each post, and be directed to my columnist page on the Bulletin website. But we’ve now added a more obvious link to the page in the “About This Blogger” section.

Any feedback on the changes, or ideas for other changes?

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  • Bob Terry

    This is very user friendly. I was constantly hitting the “back” button after every comment or would have to “escape” altogether to read my second favorite blog, Wendy’s RCNow. Not sure what color issues there are and it is nice to email you directly…and in secret.

  • shirley wofford

    David, did you see the exhibit “Jurassic Planet” at the Fair? If you did, I would hope you include it in your Fair Hi-lite column. If you did not see it, you need to get over there, pronto. I wandered in to that exhibit yesterday, and I shudder to think I might have missed it. It is amazing!

    [Afraid I didn’t see it, Shirley, and it’s too late to get to the Fair and back before deadline today. My weekend is totally booked too. Oh well. — DA]

  • I haven’t visited your blog in a few days and I must say this is very nice. It feels a lot smoother and easier to navigate. I like it!

    [Glad to hear it! — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I’m sorry they can’t copter you in at noon. I would hope that this exhibit will be repeated next year.