• http://diversitown.blogspot.com meg

    No, no, D-Bomb, you got it all wrong. They need to keep the van and change the station call letters — to KPOW.

    [Hee hee. — DA]

  • Gavin

    Looks like the site is getting some cosmetic changes, yes? The blue color for the linked text provides better contrast than the grey before and is almost the banners background color. The red makes it easier to see which links have been visited. Small touches; better user experience, already. Good job to the person who takes care of your content management software.

    [Would you believe the executive editor is doing the upgrades himself? He is. — DA]

  • Laurie Applebee

    You’d think that the #1 radio station in the Los Angeles area would have a budget for a new paint job.

  • Gavin

    I’d believe it. One advantage to have a “content management system” is that one needs not be a code jockey in order to contribute content. But also, someone who functions in the business-editorial side may also administer the system. Because of the advertisement placement, there are decisions here other than just about written articles.