And Fontana said: Let there be style!

32201-fontpole 004.jpg

I made a rare drive on Fontana’s Foothill Boulevard one evening recently and noticed these new light poles on the south side of the street for several blocks along the western portion of the city. Snazzy, eh? I couldn’t resist pulling over to snap a photo.

Yes, apparently I am a light pole geek. These may be the most ornate I’ve seen locally.

Amy Colbrunn of Fontana City Hall says the poles cost $5,000 apiece and were installed to improve the aesthetics of the old Route 66, similar to efforts in Rancho Cucamonga and Upland.

And by the way, if any local city has development potential, it’s Fontana. Foothill has surprisingly vast swaths of open land and derelict buildings. So did Rancho Cucamonga, once upon a time…

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  • Eric


    There are indeed very nice poles. It is too bad more planning did not go into the placement of them, however, as now there is not adequate room for a wheelchair or stroller to pass on the sidewalk without going into the landscaping.

    ADA lawsuit? Let’s hope not….

    [Good point. Poles in the middle of sidewalks are one of my pet peeves but I overlooked it here. Well, these lights are stylish, not sensitive. — DA]

  • K

    Hey, if you’re into light poles, did you see Urban Light down at the LACMA? We kind of happened on it one evening, and were totally blown away. I’m not sure that it’s worth a trip on its own, but if you’re in the area, you definitely oughta check it out!

    [For the uninitiated, K is referring to the forest-like outdoor art installation of light poles outside LACMA. I haven’t been to LACMA since it was installed but it’s one of those things I need to do. — DA]

  • Ramona

    I’m pleased to see that someone else notices the problems with light poles and other obstructions in the middle of sidewalks. I’ve griped about this for years. I have a family member who uses a wheelchair when we’re out and about and it’s surprising to me that engineers fail to take into account that sidewalks need to be clear.

    More than once I’ve witnessed moms and dads struggling with having to drop down off a curb and back up again with a stroller.

    If the poles must be placed as they are at least give us curb cuts.

    [I don’t understand this practice either, although it seems a lot of sidewalks are there more for tradition or ornamentation than for use — since giant traffic funnels like Foothill aren’t walkable and rarely see pedestrians. — DA]

  • Noel Castillo | Senior Engineer | City of Fontana

    The City of Fontana welcomes your comments and is committed to reviewing and following up on this concern. These sites have been checked, and it has been confirmed that indeed we have ADA clearance of four feet at this location between the street light and the landscape parkway. Unfortunately the picture is a bit misleading due to the angle, but please know that all street improvement projects within the City are designed with ADA accessibility in mind. Should anyone have any questions, concerns or comments about this or any other projects in the City, please feel free to contact us at (909) 350-7610.

    [Thanks, Noel. Good to hear there’s plenty of room for pedestrians. — DA]