Steve Lopez for school board?

32995-lopez 005.jpg

Front lawn at 7th and Indian Hill, Claremont.

A community reading program in Claremont centers on Steve Lopez’s book “The Soloist” and is being promoted via yard signs around town — although you could be forgiven for thinking the signs are promoting the author and L.A. Times columnist’s electoral ambitions, given their front-lawn company.

“Is there a school board election going on in Claremont?” Lopez asked Sunday during an appearance at Claremont’s Little Bridges Hall of Music, which was attended by more than 300 people.

A colleague at the Times lives in Claremont and, Lopez said, informed him: “Your name is on signs in lawns all over Claremont. There’s an election going on. It looks like you’re running for mayor or school board.”

Lopez, who lives in L.A., said he asked about his electoral prospects and got no response.

Well! As a Claremont resident and fellow columnist, I would be pleased to welcome Lopez to town and even help usher him into office with my vote.

Is there a dogcatcher position available?

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