Inland Valley Photo Quiz No. 3


Welcome to another mystery photo, this one from, well, you tell me. That’s the whole point, to test your knowledge of your environs. Where can one find this chess-lovin’ scene?

Leave a guess. To preserve the mystery, no comments, or at least no correct guesses, will be posted until after the contest ends Tuesday morning, when the answer will also be revealed. Wild guesses are encouraged. After all, they’re fun.

Here’s a link to the two previous quizzes.

* UPDATE: The photo was taken on the lawn outside Claremont City Hall, which virtually everyone who guessed got correctly. One guessed outside the Claremont Library, which is almost correct — the library, which is across the street from City Hall, also has a couple of these tables, but I don’t believe there’s grass around them. Another reader points out similar tables in Fontana — same maker, perhaps?

Unanswered question: Has anyone ever seen chess or checkers being played at these Claremont tables? I haven’t.

Thanks for participating, everyone.

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  • Isn’t that in downtown Claremont, across the street from the library?

    [Yep. — DA]

  • J

    That looks like the table in front of Claremont City Hall at 2nd & Harvard.

  • Will Bigham

    I’m almost 100-percent sure on this. It’s at Claremont City Hall at the corner of Second Street and Harvard Avenue.

    [Will is our former Claremont City Hall reporter (now our courts reporter) so his vote almost doesn’t count. But it does. — DA]

  • meg

    Claremont, outside of City Hall!

  • Don J

    Lawn of Claremont City Hall, You gotta make these tougher.

    [Maybe so, although any quiz is easy if you happen to among those who know the answer, and hard if you don’t. — DA]

  • Phil Carty

    I KNEW I’d seen this. Turned out to be a similar table and benches in the play area of the new Fontana Park at Summit Avenue and Lytle Creek Road. I’ll email you a brochure photo.

    [It was a remarkably similar photo, except the Claremont version has grass and the Fontana photo didn’t. Might be the same manufacturer of chess tables. — DA]

  • WendyE.

    Hmmm… in front of Claremont City Hall?

  • Olivia


    When do you want to meet for chess at Claremont City Hall front lawn?

    [Bring it. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Front lawn of the Claremont City Hall. I actually found this by Googling “checkerboard” plus Inland Valley city names and a photo popped up on Flickr, so give credit to someone else who actually knew where it was. Although I get extra credit for my ability to waste time.

    [You do. But better not brag about it at the office. — DA]

  • Judy Wright

    The table is on the lawn in front of Claremont City Hall.

    [You’re Wright, Judy. — DA]

  • Mo

    This is on the lawn, in front of the Claremont City Hall.

  • Ygnacio Palomares

    Senor David, looks like you really got us this time. But, wouldn’t that be “checker” lovin’, tambien?

    [Could be. I’ve never seen anyone play either game there. — DA]

  • Shel

    Claremont. By the Library.

    [There are indeed similar tables across the street from City Hall outside the Library, but no grass. — DA]

  • Gavin

    Did you notice something peculiar about the board’s placement?

    If it’s for a game of chess/checkers, one player will have to be at the benchless side because the correct orientation of the board puts a white square on the lower-right corner.

    Do you know if the other tables are oriented the same way? Maybe its done on purpose to accommodate handicap access.

    [I didn’t notice, but you’re right concerning the one in the photo. Maybe that’s why no one plays there. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Is that Judy Wright of “Claremont: A Pictorial History, by Judy Wright” fame? It’s an excellent book!

    [It is. I hope she checks back to see your comment! — DA]

  • Phil Carty’s find is fascinating, especially since it means that some company decided to go into the chess/checkers table-making business.

    By the way, does this mean that Summit Avenue and Lytle Creek Road is the new Claremont? The mind boggles — a tree-shaded Summit Avenue with funky little shops and a huge college community…

    [Anyone spotted a SmartCar up there recently? — DA]