Reader hunts for garlic fries locally


Photo of Weiland Brewery’s cheeseburger and garlic fries by Jeff Aragaki

Upland reader Jeff Aragaki writes:

“In your jaunts to downtown LA, have you eaten at a place called Weiland Brewery? There’s two locations: one in JTown and one underground on Flower St. at 5th. If you have, did you try the garlic fries? They’re actually garlic, parmesan cheese and parsley fries. To die for.”

Good choice of words. Jeff continues:

“What I’m looking for is anywhere near us that has similar french fries. Any ideas?”

As I told Jeff, I haven’t been to Weiland Brewery nor do I know of any garlic fry opportunities in the Inland Valley, other than the Gordon Biersch stand at Epicenter Stadium. There’s a Biersch in Old Town Pasadena if you’re willing to travel that far.

Angel’s Place in La Verne serves “Greek fries” with oregano, parmesan and feta — interesting, but no garlic.

Readers, can any of you help out Jeff with some local garlic fries?

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  • Bob House

    On July 31, I saw a mention of garlic fries at Bistro Roti in Upland on a blog by some guy named David Allen. Also, I believe 2nd St. Bistro in Pomona has them.

    [Huh! I’ll have to, er, check out that guy’s blog sometime. — DA, forgetfully]

  • Get thee to The Press in Claremont and order the Fries For The Boys: fresh cut Kinnebec potatoes smothered in cheddar cheese, chopped garlic and scallions. I’ve seen people literally get up and follow a server to table just to ask what that fabulous smell is!

  • bernadette

    David, doesn’t The Press in Claremont have a version of garlic fries?

    [It seems they do (see comment above, published after your comment came in). Perhaps purists can ask for ’em without cheese. — DA]

  • criminal

    what the hell is “JTown”? is he referring to Little Tokyo?,_Los_Angeles,_California

  • The burger chain Red Robin has Parmesan garlic fries, and I think you still get unlimited ‘refills.’

  • Bob Terry

    At “The Bank,” aka Citizens Bank Arena, they sell garlic fries during the Ontario Reign hockey games. When someone is sitting behind with them, they smell like “crud,” but when YOU get them they are great…bad news if you have to share them, too. Remember, DA, last year’s invitation to a game still stands.

    [But would you share your garlic fries? — DA]

  • katy

    Big League Dreams serves them in their snack bar.

    [That’s the Chino Hills sports park. Thanks, Katy. — DA]

  • missty

    I think the Pasadena Gordon Biersch is closed down.

    [Really? Too bad. — DA]

  • Jeff

    David, thanks for helping me out on my quest! And thanks to all that have chimed in.

    I was in town today so went to Bistro Roti for lunch. The garlic fries are an appetizer, but the server let me substitute the regular fries with them. Though good, they’re missing the chunks of garlic that make the Weiland ones “hot.” The search will continue…

    Note to criminal: Little Tokyo is probably a more pc name than JTown, but in my family (Japanese-American), if I said “Little Tokyo,” no one would know where that was.

    [You could always try asking for extra garlic in your Bistro Roti fries and see if they’ll do it. — DA]

  • James Rodriguez

    Heres some good Tasty fries, Dinos Chicken and Burgers on the n/w corner of Lark Ellen and Arrow in Azusa. For around $5.50 you get a half flame-broiled chicken marinated with lots of spices served on a bed of fries with coleslaw on the side. The juices of the chicken drench the fries and embed the tangy flavor within. My advice is to eat the fries first before they get too soggy.

    James Rodriguez, Fontana

    [Why go to Azusa when you can go to the Dino’s at Arrow and Towne in Pomona? (Subject of a Restaurant of the Week feature if anyone cares to read more.) However, a friend says the fries aren’t as good in Pomona as in Azusa. — DA]