Hamburgers in Ontario, a history

In conversation with me recently, author and Ontario native Charles Phoenix was recalling the burger joints of his 1960s-1970s youth. I’ll list them below; the descriptions are mine.

Burger Bandit: At 4th and Grove, this stand’s mascot was a man in a burglar mask. Demolished (I think?).

Hamburger Ding-a-Ling: At D and Euclid, this restaurant’s oddball concept was to have telephones at each booth, which customers would use to phone in their order. The food would be delivered to the table. Now demolished.

Burger Lane: At San Antonio and Holt. It’s now Sammy Burger.

Burger Q*: On Mountain at G Street. The Q, Phoenix says, referred to a “queue,” as in a line, as in, you line up for burgers. (*I inadvertently left this place off the list even though it did come up in our conversation. Because a couple of commenters asked about it, I’ll retroactively add it here for completeness’ sake.)

Andy’s Burgers: At Holt and Sultana (I think?), this drive-in moved to Holt and Lemon circa 2004. There’s a second one in Chino.

Before our conversation, Phoenix had dropped in at Andy’s to chat with the staff and learned that it opened in 1969. That’s 40 years ago.

If Andy’s has survived four decades, Phoenix mused, that puts them ahead of all the competition.

“They would be the official hamburger of Ontario,” Phoenix declared.

What do you think?

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