A meal in L.A.

As noted in Sunday’s column, and here on this blog Thursday, I attended Thursday’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority meeting in downtown L.A. Of course I traveled by Metrolink, the MTA HQ being right there at Union Station.

The Gold Line-related portion of the meeting ended right after 2 p.m. Finally, lunch. I could’ve, and perhaps should’ve, eaten at the MTA cafeteria, but I decided to do something else that’s hard to do on a Saturday, and that’s try Pitfire Pizza.

It’s at 2nd and Main, immediately south of the new LAPD HQ, southwest of the Caltrans HQ and near the LA Times and City Hall. Jonathan Gold likes it. There are locations in North Hollywood and Westwood too. I keep meaning to try it. But the downtown Pitfire doesn’t open until 3 p.m. on weekends, thwarting any lunch plans on my usual outings.

So, Pitfire it was. My meal lived up to expectations. The day’s special pizza, New Haven clam ($10.25), was a white pizza (no tomato sauce) with roasted garlic, breadcrumbs, parsley, a cheese I’ve forgotten (sorry), plus clams, obviously. At four slices, it was just the right size for one person, and very tasty.

Instead of returning directly to Union Station, I stopped at Philippe’s for an iced tea and a cup of tapioca pudding. (I believe commenter Shirley Wofford has praised the tapioca.) Well, it was nothing to get excited about, but it was a change from pie, and a nice way to kill some time before the train home.

We won’t be getting the Gold Line for untold years, but at least we have Metrolink.

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