City Center Senior Apartments, Ontario


Here’s an architect’s rendering of a portion of the under-construction senior apartments at Lemon Avenue and B Street in downtown Ontario.

The complex of 76 units will stand adjacent to the library, senior center and city hall, an especially prime location, not to mention only a block from the shops on Euclid Avenue. (If the seniors love Yangtze, the restaurant’s entrance is less than a block away.)

Architect Dan Withee, of Torrance-based Withee Malcolm Architects, told me at the Oct. 9 ground-breaking that the design was “Wrightian,” referring to Frank Lloyd Wright, clarifying that the arches and other elements are from Wright’s Prairie style phase. In other words, no domes or falling water.

Well, the proof will be in the viewing, but the apartments have gotta have more visual interest than the parking lot they’re replacing.

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  • Kristin McConnell

    Wouldn’t it be better if the city tried to get some businesses in downtown? The reason the condos didn’t sell is that there was nothing to attract people — nothing is there, besides Yangtze. Jason Anderson once said that it was unwise to build “rooftops for rooftops’ sake.” This is all in my opinion. I hope that these apartments work out better than the vacant project next door.

    [To quote “Battlestar Galactica,” so say we all. Seriously, the apartments for seniors fill a definite need in the community, and the proximity to the senior center and library will be a plus, but I doubt the extra bodies downtown will make any more impact on businesses than the senior apartments in downtown Upland did there. — DA]

  • Phil

    It’s only “Wrightian” in the sense that Wright used walls and windows, and this project uses walls and windows.

  • Dave D.

    Prime location is right. How old do you have to be to live there?

    @Phil: Well put.

    [Not sure. 62? — DA]

  • hugh.c.mcbride

    What happens when a group of zany seniors move into a new development just as the cafe in the adjacent library receives its much maligned liquor license? Think “Cheers” meets “The Golden Girls” with a dash of “Friends” and a twist of “Cops” — only this time, it’s all real all the time.

    Coming soon to a TV near you, America’s next great reality show: Livin’ Large at Lemon & B. Only on TBS (very funny)!

    [If you factor in Wii competition at the senior center, add a soupcon of “ABC’s Wide World of Sports.” — DA]

  • Mary

    The architect plans look very nice. In reality I think it will most likely turn out to be a bust, like the empty condos. There isn’t anything downtown to bring people to live.

    [Is there anything in downtown Upland that has made its senior apartments popular? My sense is that there is a HUGE demand for affordable apartments for seniors — there’s always a long waiting list to get into the few such complexes — and I don’t see why the Ontario project won’t succeed as well as Upland’s. — DA]

  • Jack Klumpas

    Jeez, already 5 comments on this subject! Would you people please keep it down. I’m going to run for board president and don’t need extra competition. Better keep Blackstock outta-here!

    [Do me a personal favor, take the astronaut pen! OK, enough with the Seinfeld in-jokes. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    @Hugh and @anybody reading this who has the power to make it happen anywhere in the world: combine a library with a liquor license, and you’ve got a place I will never leave for the rest of my life. Just saying.

  • rpfromrc

    “Wrightian”: does that mean the roof won’t last, and begin to leak?

  • St.Paul Apartments

    That is wonderful for seniors

  • Carlos

    It part of a huge project by the city. Why the condos are empty is because they are in the process of becoming rental instead of for sale because who would be a homeowner in our situation. We should be seeing some retail some time in the next couple of years.

  • judy mooradian

    who is the owner of the new city center senior apartments on lemon and what is the exact location.
    thank you

    [Lemon between B and C. You can see them from Euclid. The Related Companies is the owner. If information on applying doesn’t appear on the construction sign, check with the city Housing Department. — DA]

  • maggi

    Is a virtual tour available for a single bedroom apartment comparable to one being constructed at City Center Senior Apartments, Ontario, California?

    [I’m not aware of one but perhaps the project has its own website by now. — DA]

  • rjm

    i actually work there and these apartments are great and we have no problem filling them at all… it is a long screening process that seems we will never fill all units but we have been lucky and have about 300 applicants on the waitlist …

  • onepissedtenant

    I would not recommend moving here! The on-site Manager, Patti Allen has the tendency to harass people coming in the complex to visit family. She has made many tenants move out in a rush due to this and refused to return their deposits. Mrs/Miss Allen claims the apartments were left damaged and in need of repair but never has them repaired. New tenants move in within one days time. Previous tenants has filed complaints pertaining to this and many other incidents from what I have heard. This, Allen, character is really making the complex a living hell.

  • onepissedtenant

    just to add, We are all looking to find the owners of this complex and have Patti Allen removed from the complex for good. As a senior living here, I leave the complex using the back door in order to avoid running in to her and having to deal with the devil just to leave and come in to my quote/unquote “home”