Fundraiser to benefit movies at the Fox


A Halloween night party in Pomona is set for Saturday, with the goal of raising money for the Friends of the Fox organization to bring movies back to the Fox Theater.

I couldn’t get more details late Wednesday, but my understanding is that the theater, now used mostly for concerts, isn’t currently equipped to project films. (*Correction: It can project DVDs but doesn’t have working film projectors.) I know the Friends group would like to offer occasional screenings.

I’ll try to update this post on Thursday with more information. (*That update is essentially John Clifford’s response in the comments section.)

Anyhow, the fundraiser, cleverly dubbed “Silver Scream,” is a movie-themed Halloween costume party. It starts at 8 p.m. at the Acerogami, otherwise known as the Glass House Bar, at 228 W. 2nd St., Pomona, just west of Thomas Street.

Dress up as your favorite actor or movie character. Costumes are required for entry — although I suspect they won’t be too particular — and the suggested donation is $10. Since it’s a bar, entry is for those 21 and over.

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  • John Clifford

    As Vice Chair of Friends of the Fox I hope I can shed some light on the situation with movies at the Fox.

    First, the Fox IS equipped to show digital films. So films which can be projected from DVDs or other digital sources can, and have been, projected on the installed big screen.

    What Friends of the Fox is working on is a generous donation (still being negotiated — details to come) of vintage 35mm projection equipment which could be used to show archival films such as those from the UCLA, AFI, or Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences archives. This would allow for film programs such as those screened at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian and Aero theaters. It would also expand the capabilities for motion picture presentation at the Fox.

    Because it is not perceived that such film programs would even come close to bringing in the kind of revenue as concerts, there is no impetus for the operators of the Fox to expend any capital to provide such equipment. Even as a donation to the non-profit Friends of the Pomona Fox, such equipment would still cost an estimated (very rough estimate without any “hard” figures) $20,000 for electrical upgrades, installation, and modifications to the equipment and projection booth.

    Thus a fundraising party to kick off our efforts to be able to show quality archival cinema right here in Pomona.

    [Thanks for the elucidation, John. I’d certainly love to see film series at the Fox. About digital projection, I didn’t know if the equipment was the Fox’s or was brought in by Smogdance for its festival in April, but I’m glad to hear it’s the Fox’s. Hey, you guys should do a film series to raise money for film series! — DA]