Not food, not bombs

33896-freshproduce 002.jpg

Located across Yale Avenue from each other in the Village are two new stores that sound like they sell healthy food, but actually sell clothing. Even in a recession, the Yuppification of Claremont continues.

33897-nosugaradded 001.jpg
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  • Ruth Breslin

    It’s probably more likely the GenXification…

  • Aaron

    As inappropriately named as they may be, and while you lament “The Yuppification,” thank God it isn’t yet another hair salon (there are plenty in Claremont) or a check cashing/dollar store/crappy chinese takeout/smoke shop/amigo store that seem to overpopulate Ontario/Montclair/Chino/Fontana.

  • Bob House

    Yuppification is a long-standing process in Claremont. I know of a family in the ’60s that referred to their kids being grounded as being “campused.” I think the yupp-odometer has probably turned over several times by now.

    But you really can’t have too many faux unicorns.

  • Bob Terry

    Well, the original in this part of town has to be Fresh Peaches…custom swimwear for all occasions, and I’m not even on their payroll!

  • Ramona

    The signs on the windows made me hungry so I went out to get something to eat. I bought a winter jacket instead.

    And it’s all your fault. ;(

    [I hope your new jacket is fresh, leafy and with no added sugar. — DA]